Muscle Gym Phuket

Muscle Gym Phuket

Muscle Gym Phuket

52/9 Chaofa Rd, Talat Nuea, 83000, Phuket


Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 22:00, Sat and Sun: 9:00 – 21:00

Cost: 120 baht per go, or 1200 per month
Under 18s: 90 per go or 1050 per month

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Muscle Gym Phuket is located 1km southwest of Downtown Market (otherwise known as Talad Sod). It’s a bit of a trek from the most central accommodation, but also offers the cheapest day pass rate I found. You’ll find it clearly marked and correctly located on Google maps. It’s also just a couple of minutes’ walk from Hi Gym (which is several times bigger) on the same street.


This Phuket gym is pretty small, does not have air-conditioning and contains fairly old equipment. Am I not selling it to you? Well, it didn’t look that appealing to me either, to be honest! It’s predominantly a no-frills weights gyms, but it has a few cardio machines overlooking the street. The gym is all on one floor, and you’ll see there’s a small room out the back with some extra machines.

Take your own water (and you’ll probably need quite a lot!) and a towel to mop up your sweat.

I didn’t venture into the changing facilities, but there’s definitely a toilet.

When I attended late Sunday morning I only saw one person working out, so you probably won’t have a problem getting on equipment unless you go in peak periods.

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Muscle Gym Phuket is well-equipped with weights, including dumbbells up to 100lbs. This also includes a full rack of lightweight ones and several adjustable barbells.

You’ll find a wide set of cable crossovers with pull-up bars, as well as another set of pull-up bars. They’ve also provided a lat pull down and a flat and inclined bench press for your upper body.

Lower body equipment includes two Smith machines, a squat rack, plate-loadable leg press and a standing squat machine (out back).

In addition to this, you’ll find a fair number of resistance machines for both the lower and upper body, which make up the bulk of the equipment in this gym.

You’ll also find a hip extension bench, abs bench and the usual weights benches, along with a hanging leg raise.


The cardio equipment here is neither modern nor top of the range, but it works well enough if the guy I saw on the treadmill is anything to go by. You’ll find four treadmills, two upright bikes and two recumbent bikes here. That’s your lot.

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Functional Training

Hmm, wrong gym. I did see a few yoga mats though!


If you’re on a tight budget, looking for a weights gym and can manage without aircon, then consider coming here. Muscle Gym Phuket offers the lowest day pass rate I found, but it was by far the smallest and least appealing of the five gyms in Phuket Town I visited. All the others were far more modern and most had aircon. Staff here were friendly though and overall the place was in reasonable condition.

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Muscle Gym Phuket

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