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Smith’s Gym Kata Phuket

Smiths Gym Kata Phuket

Smith’s Gym Kata, Phuket

19 Patak Road, Kata, 83100, Phuket

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Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:00 – 20:00, Sun: 10:00 – 18:00
Cost: 200 baht a day, 900 a week, or 1500 a month


Smith’s Gym Kata is located southeast of the centre of Kata, 1-1.5km down the main road. It’s clearly labelled and correctly marked on Google maps.


This small gym is run by a very friendly Brit/Thai couple. I felt very welcome here after a good chat with the talkative owner! He was not only passionate about his gym, but also his customers, who he welcomes personally and trains with – feels good to be back in a gym with a personal touch! He was helpful throughout, both in motivating and correcting clients’ technique.

Smith’s Gym Kata Phuket is well-equipped for all types of workout, including cardio, weights and functional training. Due to limited space, you won’t see any dedicated floor space area as such, but you’ll find several options for laying down a mat for floor-work or stretching. The equipment here is overall pretty modern and in good condition.

This place is cooled by several fans. I queried the dormant aircon vent and was told that most of the regulars actually prefer it off as they like to work up a sweat! He’s open to turning it on upon request though.

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You’ll find a full set of neatly racked dumbbells up to 100lbs, as well as a range of adjustable barbells with clips.

For your legs, you’ll see two Smith machines (aptly named!) and a squat rack.

Upper body equipment includes a wide cable crossover, pull up bars, lat pulldown, a flat bench press rack and a dual set of adjacent cables (eg for tricep work).

Resistance machines include a leg extension, leg curl, inner/outer thigh machine, shoulder press and pec machine. Additionally, those of you with strong thighs might be pleased to see a plate-loadable leg press!

As well as some weights benches, you’ll find a declined abs bench and a horizontal hip extension, along with a hanging leg raise.


Considering the size of the gym, they’ve done well to pack in seven pieces of cardio equipment, all facing out towards the road. I found three treadmills, three Spin bikes and a crosstrainer. All of this equipment was reasonably modern and in good condition.

Functional Training

You’ll find a modest range of gym toys here and just enough space to use them – you’ve got a few options of floor space around the place. I found a couple of lightweight kettlebells (4 and 6kg), a skipping rope, abs roller, Swiss ball and resistance tubes. They’ve also provided several sets of superlight dumbbells (1 and 2kg) along with some good quality full length mats.

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Smith’s Gym Kata has made excellent use of the space here to provide as much equipment as possible without it feeling cluttered. I particularly liked the personal approach – a gym run by someone passionate about fitness and people, not a money-driven chain. I’d happily return here, thanks for a fun workout!

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Smith’s Gym Kata Phuket

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