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H1 Fitness Society Kanchanaburi

H1 Fitness Society Kanchanaburi

H1 Fitness Society Kanchanaburi

Pak Phraek, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000


Opening Hours: 7:00 – 22:00, seven days a week
Cost: 200 baht per day


H1 Fitness Society Kanchanaburi is located several kilometres out of Kanchanaburi, 4km from the train station. I cycled there from town as my accommodation offered bicycle rental for 30 baht for a 24 hour duration. If you do the same, the club is not visible from the big crossroads – you’ll need to turn right and right again down a side street.

Facilities at H1 Fitness Society

As I was already familiar with the general pricing of gyms in Kanchanburi prior to coming here, I had high expectations of this place – it’s several times as expensive all the other gyms I found in and around this town. I was therefore very surprised to walk into this shoe-box sized gym, which is one of the smallest gyms I’ve been to anywhere.

The gym itself is confined to the ground floor and focuses mainly on functional training. Upstairs has a very small room for boxing training and a bigger (but not huge) studio for classes.

Everything at H1 Fitness Society was at least very modern (I guess they have justify the price somehow!) and in excellent condition and well air-conditioned.

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You’ll find a small rack of dumbbells up to 25kg, a couple of benches and a narrow cable crossover station with pull up bars.

Other notable equipment consists of a squat rack (also with pull up bars) and a hanging leg raise – that’s it.

Functional Training

If your main workout focus is functional training, then you’re in a bit more luck than the weight trainers. You’ll find a reasonable range of gym toys and a decent amount of floor space with marked lines to do your thing, though this alone really doesn’t justify the price.

ViPRs, plyoboxes, a range of kettle-bells, some power balls and a wobble board are the main offerings of gym toys.


H1 Fitness Society have provided just three machines, namely a Spin bike, curved treadmill and a rower.


Head on upstairs and you’ll find a small boxing studio with several sets of gloves and pads in it, along with a larger studio with Les Mills equipment in it. This included adjustable barbells, step boards and good quality mats. The studio is fairly small as studios go, which fits with the general theme here! Both are clean, modern and in good condition. You’ll find around 22 classes on the timetables, including several Les Mills.

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Summary of H1 Fitness Society Kanchanaburi

Unless you happen to live next door to H1 Fitness Society, I see no reason to come here. It was around three times the price of every single other gym I found in Kanchanaburi, the furthest from town and a small fraction of the size of the others. If you have transport then head straight up the main road (northwest) from here to DNA Gym. That’s what I did after seeing this place(!). At 69 baht per go, it has a large range of weights, cardio and indeed far more functional training than H1 Fitness Society. It’s equally modern and well air-conditioned too, which is why I was stunned to see the price here.

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H1 Fitness Society Kanchanaburi

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  1. These reviews are so helpful to locals.
    In a small town like this, it can be difficult to get information in English.
    You’re leaving a wake of informed expats through your travels!
    Thank you.

    1. Awesome! Thank you Jason. If any of them would be happy to share my site on their own websites, Facebook pages or other means, I’d be hugely grateful for the publicity. Alternatively, I’m always open to a cup of coffee in support of my ventures, informing the world of gyms and producing other fitness and travel content. 😀 😀 Thank you again for your share in the expat group!

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