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Dewa Fitness, Kuta

Dewa Fitness Kuta

Dewa Fitness Kuta

Jl. Kubu Anyar No.19, Kuta


Opening Hours: 7:00 – 20:30, seven days a week

Cost: 30k a go for tourists, 15k for locals.


Dewa Fitness is well located near the centre of Kuta, around 1km southeast of the main part of Kuta beach. It’s correctly located on Google and although it’s a bit set back from the road, you’ll see a clear sign.


Think basic! I’m generally finding gyms in Bali are either one extreme or the other – either they are pricy touristy gyms with the full monty of aircon and new equipment, or they look like they haven’t been updated or cleaned since the ’80s. Dewa Fitness falls in the latter category. So, focus on the appealingly low cost and the fact you’re having a local experience and get on with your workout!

Joking aside, take lots of water with you as there’s no aircon or fans in here.

As is frustratingly common, many venues in Asia will charge one price for foreigners and one price for locals and that doesn’t always stop at gyms. I was tipped off by my Austrian roommate that he was charged 30k to train here, yet a price chart on the wall (in Indonesian) states the price is 15k casual rate, or 100k per month. I was able to negotiate the local rate thanks to him, so by all means have a go too!

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Overall Dewa Fitness has a good range of weight training equipment, and although old, it does the job.

Here you’ll find a cable crossover machine with pull up bars, two lat pulldowns, tricep pulldowns and a row attached.

You’ll also find two flat bench presses, two inclined bench presses and a shoulder press rack.

For your legs, you’ll see a Smith machine and a squat rack.

Regular pin-operated resistance machines include a chest press, pec dec, pec flies / rear delts, leg extension and leg curl. (The latter two are on the same cable)

Loadable resistance equipment includes a leg press and a row.

As for free weights, the dumbbells are not marked with their total weight, only the weight of the discs on the end. The highest I found were 12kg discs, giving a total dumbbell weight of around 25kg I imagine. Don’t expect to find any dumbbells actually on the rack – the locals prefer to leave them lying around the floor instead. This is annoyingly common here!

Likewise, you’ll find several adjustable barbells lying around, both straight and curled.

You’ll also find a couple of declined abs benches, one adjustable one, a hip extension bench, hanging leg raise and a standing rotary abs machine.


Well, I’m tempted just to laugh. You will see two ancient treadmills here! They are also tiny, and as for computerised displays, you’re at least a couple of decades too early.

What else? Absolutely nothing. But if you want to do cardio, there is a big room behind the gym (part of it) which you can run around, do circuits, burpees, star jumps, jacks and all manner of other exercises in. I’d do all the above before getting on either of those treadmills!

Functional Training

Nope, not here. All I saw a was few old mats in different places on the gym floor. They were a decent thickness though. You can also use the vast floorspace in the room behind the gym to do functional work, but there are no functional gym toys as such.


Fantastic value, especially if you negotiate the local price! (But not bad anyway) If all you need is weights and floor space, you’ll do well here. As ever, training without aircon or fans in tropical heat can be a challenge so go early and stay well hydrated. If you want cardio or functional equipment then you’re better off going elsewhere.

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Dewa Fitness, Kuta

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