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Sports Toto Fitness, Kuala Lumpur

Sports Toto Fitness

Sports Toto Fitness, Kuala Lumpur

Sixth Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi, 55100, KL

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Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 7:00 – 23:00, Sat: 8:00 – 20:00, Sun: 10:00 – 20:00

Cost: RM53 a day or RM 583 for three months. Note, three months is the shortest contract period.
But click here for a free trial!


Sports Toto Fitness is excellently located in Berjaya Times Square mall in the heart of KL, an ideal location to stay, shop and train in. You’ll find the gym on the sixth floor. There are a number of entrances to this huge building, and the escalators seem to be located in different places on each floor of this ridiculously large mall, so if you don’t want to spend ten minutes figuring out your way up there, I strongly recommend locating the lift.

From the metal lifts, the gym is pretty much straight head of you on the right hand side. (You’ll also see transparent lifts nearby.) There’s a large clear sign across the front of it – you’ll need to walk around 40m from the lift.


I was able to acquire a free pass online, and I have to say it was well worth the small effort. Despite the mixed reviews I read, Sports Toto Fitness Centre ticked all the boxes for me. This large gym is fully air-conditioned and is broadly divided into a large cardio section, free weights area, resistance training area, floor space / functional area and at the far end, a small women’s only section.

The building and decor look new and in excellent condition and the fitness equipment is all top notch (Life Fitness) machines. Some are older than others but everything is in great condition.

Take your own towel, but there are free water refill fountains throughout the building. The large changing rooms offer a sauna and steam room (men and women are separated) and the showers and toilets are all clean and well kept. Note that toilet paper is provided, but there is just one large roll outside of the cubicles.

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You’ll find an excellent range of weights here at Sports Toto Fitness Centre. This is split between a free weights area and resistance equipment area, next to each other.

The free weights area hosts dumbbells up to 40kg, a Smith machine, three bench presses (flat, inclined and declined), a squat rack and a preacher curl machine. You’ll also see some benches here to work on. Additionally you’ll find barbells next to the resistance equipment; I found a full set of straight barbells, from 10 – 20kg in 2.5kg increments, and then from 25 – 45kg in 5kg increments.

Along with the resistance equipment, you’ll find a set of cable crossovers with pull up bars. There are also two further sets of pull up bars, one with narrow set cables. The only thing missing here for me was an assisted pull ups station.


This large gym has a huge cardio section, which was more than sufficient even during peak periods. (Yep, I braved turning up at 19:00 one night!) You’ll find ten treadmills, six upright bikes, five recumbents, six crosstrainers, two rowing machines and one curious looking crosstrainer which I hadn’t seen before:

Octane Fitness’ cardio equipment
It’s like a seated cross trainer – the reason I am not calling it a bike is because you have levers for your arms too. The equipment says leg press and chest press on it, and indeed you are effectively performing both these movements. Read all about it here!

TRX Training

TRX Training

Functional Equipment

Spots Toto Fitness is very well set up for functional training – there’s a good floor space area in the middle of the gym, just beyond the cardio equipment. You’ll find plenty of yoga mats here along with a fair range of gym toys. These include numerous Swiss balls, kettlebells up to 16kg, a BOSU, foam roller, abs roller and couple of medicine balls. You’ll also see a skipping rope, tennis ball and a couple of step boards.

There are several sets of pull up bars in this gyms, a couple of which have TRXs attached too.

Women’s Area

At the far end of the gym, there’s an additional floor space area for women only. It’s pretty small, but includes a set of pull up bars with narrow cables and a TRX and a matted floor area. You’ll also find gym toys such as Swiss balls, kettlebells up to 16kg, a couple of adjustable barbells (straight) with an assortment of discs and a foam roller.

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Classes and Studios

You’ll find three studios at this awesome club! They are called the Spin Studio (cycling), Energy Studio (Les Mills upbeat classes) and Zen studio (Yoga, Body Balance etc) respectively. The Spin studio hosts around ten classes a week whilst Les Mills fanatics can enjoy around 27 high energy classes such as Combat, Step, Pump, Grit, Zumba, Sh’Bam and Kick Fit. Yoga enthusiasts have a varied timetable offering various types of Yoga such as Ashtanga, Flow, Yin and Hatha, along with Fitball classes.

The Energy studio is fully equipped with step boards, bars and plenty of disc weights to accommodate a Body Pump class. You’ll also find a large pile of yoga mats here. Meanwhile, the Zen studio contains sufficient Swiss balls for the classes.

I enjoyed Body Step, Combat and Pump during my trial here. If you do Pump, note that the clips for the ends of bars are not terribly effective – if you tip your bar upside down, the weights will fall off! Apart from that, the bar and weights are standard (5, 2.5 and 1.25kg) although not the modern Les Mills-specific ones. I also noticed most people kept the weights on their bar the same throughout the class instead of adjusting them for each track, so you’ll have to be quick to change your weights over and not miss the beginning of the next track!


Sports Toto Fitness was my first stop in KL, and I love it. After nearly four weeks on Indonesian islands, this place rocks! This is a large well air-conditioned facility with three studios, a comprehensive class timetable and an excellent logically structured gym. Whether you enjoy functional training, free weights, machines or Zumba classes, or simply fancy a run in an air-conditioned room, you’ll feel at home here. I did Body Step and Combat with different instructors and found it was well taught with fun and motivated instructors. Free water and large lean changing rooms make the whole experience a welcoming one. Really enjoying my free trial – recommended!

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Kuala Lumpur
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Sports Toto Fitness, Kuala Lumpur

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