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Rai Fitness Sunset Bali, Kuta

Rai Fitness

Rai Fitness Sunset Bali, Kuta

Jl Pura Merta Sari, Kuta 80221, Bali

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Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 6:00 – 22:00, Sat: 6:00 – 20:00, Sun: 8:00 – 20:00

Cost: 55k a day, or 699k per month, or 1599k for three months.


Rai Fitness Sunset Bali is located to the northeast of Kuta, around 2km from town. I walked it on a not-too-hot morning, and enjoyed calling in at the large cheap “Giant Supermarket” near it on the way back – mmm, cheap mangoes and fresh watermelon! The club is easy to spot and it is correctly located on Google maps. You’ll see it from the street, but the entrance was not immediately clear. You have to continue further up the road a few more metres out of town past the big gate, then turn right and walk back on yourself.

Go past the bar area (serving fruit shakes!) and you’ll see reception where you’ll pay. The changing rooms are on this floor and the gym is upstairs.


Rai Fitness Sunset Bali is a medium sized modern gym with very welcome aircon. Everything looked brand new from the decor to the equipment. You’ll even get free cold water here!

There’s a good range and quality of cardio equipment and weights at Rai Fitness. The studios are open for general use when classes are not on, so you can use the mats and floor space as you please.

The gym is also quite hi-tech; to get into the changing rooms you’ll need to scan your fingerprint! If you’re on a day pass, then get someone else to let you in. In addition to nice toilets, showers and lockers, I also found a sauna and believe there is a pool too! This is all included…

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You’ll find a good range of free weights and pin-loadable and disc-loadable resistance equipment here. Like the rest of the club it all looks new and weights are for the most part tidily racked in order – yay!

You’ll find dumbbells up to a substantial 40kg, though there are no fixed weight barbells. Grab one from one of the BP racks etc and use it.

The extensive range of cable machinery here includes cable crossovers with a row, lat pulldown and tricep pulldown attached. You’ll see a box of numerous attachments you can use here.

For the upper body you’ll also see a preacher curl and a flat and declined bench press, whereas leg racks include two Smith machines and a squat rack.

There’s an additional lat pulldown machine along with other pin-loaded resistance machines. These include an assisted pull-ups machine, pec flies / rear delt, chest press, leg extension, curl and press, as well as an abs crunch and hip abductor.

Loadable resistance machines include a calf raise, inclined leg press, high and low rows and a chest press.

You’ll also find a hip extension, hanging leg raise, and a declined abs bench.


This well-equipped gym has top of the range, modern, clean cardio equipment throughout. I found eight treadmills, one curved treadmill, four ellipticals, one recumbent bike, one upright bike and one lateral trainer. The only thing missing for me was a rower.

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Functional Training

In the main gym you’ll find five medicine balls from 5 – 10kg, kettlebells from around 8 – 20kg and an abs roller.

Head into the studios for a tonne of floor space, good quality mats and further gym toys. See below for details. Note that when classes are not on, the studios were available for general use.

Studio and Classes

Rai Fitness Sunset Bali hosts around 44 classes per week in one main studio, a yoga studio and a Spinning studio. Seven of the classes are Spinning classes held in a dedicated Spinning studio and the bikes all looked brand new.

The club offers a number of Les Mills classes such as Body Pump and Combat, in addition to different types of Yoga (incl Aerial), Pilates, Zumba, Karate, Fundamental Boxing and Pound. See timetable below!

The main studio is next to the Spinning studio and holds the Les Mills classes, whereas the other studio is up one more floor and hosts yoga classes for example. Both were modern, clean and attractive and well air-conditioned.

The main studio is largest and contains a large number of good quality mats, step boards, weights for Body Pump, Swiss balls and lightweight dumbbells.

The upstairs studio contains a good number of yoga mats, equipment for aerial yoga, blocks and TRXs.




I love this gym and commend them on their very reasonable casual rate of 55k. Considering the excellent modern equipment and aircon, this club is extremely good value for money. I’ve found much more expensive clubs in Indonesia, some of which didn’t live up to Rai Fitness. All studios were also in superb condition and the Body Combat class I saw looked like a lot of fun!

It’s well worth the trek out of town to use a top gym like this one. From my initial research I couldn’t find a better club in terms of quality facilities. Try to train at off-peak times here – naturally the club is pretty busy, though I had no problem getting on equipment later on Sunday morning. It was pretty busy at 10am though!

TRX Training
TRX Training

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Rai Fitness Sunset Bali, Kuta

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