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BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi

BeatBlock Fitness

BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi

317/14 Maharaj Rd, Pak Nam, Krabi Town, 81000


Opening Hours: 9:00 – 21:00

Cost: 300 baht per day or 1700 per month


BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi is located just north of town, around 20 minutes walk from the centre of Krabi town / most accommodation. It’s very close to The Gym Krabi Fitness & Cafe and Tesco, ideal for refueling afterwards.


You’ll be greeted at the entrance by the sight of a good array of gym toys and a substantial functional training area. Reception is immediately beyond this, and also where you’ll find water – free of charge!

The main gym room at BeatBlock Fitness is the only air-conditioned workout area. I found it was a good workout temperature and fairly well-equipped with cardio and weights. It’s not huge, but has enough equipment to have all round workout. Behind this you’ll see a large studio, which hosts around 22 classes a week.

At the back of the building are the changing rooms which were clean and well-equipped with toilet roll. The lockers here are 4 digit combo lockers, which reception gave me a code for. I took a shower here, which was spacious and clean enough but only had cold water.

Overall the gym contains modern equipment and the decor is in good condition too. Staff were cleaning as I trained and the gym is well-maintained with tidily racked weights, in order.

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The main gym here is medium-sized and hosts an adequate range of weights and equipment. I found dumbbells up to 25kg and a couple of adjustable barbells. I saw one flat and one seated bench for use with the free weights.

You’ll also find a flat bench press station, a Smith machine and a wide set of cable crossovers with pull up bars.

There’s also a fair range of resistance machines here, including a shoulder press, chest press and a pec machine for your upper body. Lower body equipment includes a leg press and a combined leg extension / curl. You’ll also see a rotary torso machine.

Other equipment you’ll find includes an inclined abs bench and a hip extension bench.


I found nine pieces of cardio equipment in total. These are five treadmills, one upright bike, one recumbent bike and two different styles of crosstrainers.

All appeared fairly new and in good condition. The treadmills and one of the cross-trainers face out to the street, whilst the rest face into the functional training area.

Functional Training and The Studio

The main functional area at BeatBlock Fitness is at the front of building. It’s spacious and attractive, but one key thing is missing – aircon, so it’ll be pretty sweaty if you spend long in there. There’s a smaller selection of gym toys in the main gym – but my advice is to take what you need in there and use it, especially if you don’t require a lot of space and the gym is quiet.

There’s a further AstroTurfed area near reception, though you won’t find aircon here.

I saw a good range of gyms toys such as BOSUs, stepboards, Bulgarian powerbags, powerballs of 6, 8 and 10kg, a few medicine balls, resistance tubes and bands and some mats. You’ll also see some very lightweight dumbbells, a couple of small Swiss balls, a foam roller and an abs roller.

If you’re into boxing (or at least boxercise!) you’ll find several sets of gloves, pads, blocks and some wraps here. There’s also a large hanging punchbag.

When I looked at the studio it was empty, but I saw some large air-conditioners which is promising! The studio is large, looks modern and contains step-boards, trampets, yoga mats, aerial yoga equipment and Swiss balls.

The class timetable offers 22 classes such as Zumba, Dance, Cycling, Yoga, TRX, Powerfight, Boxing, Stretching, Circuits, Abs, and Leg classes. In terms of variety, this is probably as many as large chains!

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BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi is the most expensive gym in Krabi at 300 baht per go. Its main competition is The Gym Krabi Fitness & Cafe nearby. The biggest difference is the large studio at BeatBlock, which looked really inviting – if you’re into classes it may well be worth the extra 50 baht! Overall the facility is slightly bigger too, though the downside is it’s not air-conditioned in all areas. That said, the aircon in the main gym worked noticeably better than at The Gym Krabi when I went.

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BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi

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