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Fitness Plus Krabi

Fitness Plus Krabi

Fitness Plus Krabi

Unnamed Road, Krabi, 81000 (see Location details below)


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:30 – 22:00, Sun: 9:00 – 17:00

Cost: 100 baht per day, or 550 per week or 1000 per month. Better rates for longer stays.


Fitness Plus Krabi is well located in Krabi town centre, very close to most accommodation. Despite the “unnamed road” address it’s very easy to find as it’s correctly located on Google maps. You’ll find it 150m directly south of Krabi night market (the main one), almost opposite Zoo Coffee at the three-way junction.


This is a good medium-sized open-plan gym and you’ll find everything easily. You’ll see a good range of weights and cardio equipment here. Whilst not exactly new (in most cases), it’s in good condition and well looked after. You’ll also find a few pieces of functional equipment here and although there isn’t a dedicated floor space area as such, the gym is spacious enough to make some.

Fitness Plus Krabi is cooled by a mixture of fans and aircon. Curiously, despite being open-plan, about half the gym is well-cooled by aircon, whilst the other half is several degrees warmer! Most of the cardio equipment is well-positioned for it, along with free weights. However some resistance equipment and treadmills are in the sweaty zone. I’m not sure why as there are aircon vents along the length of the gym, but it was definitely much warmer to the left of reception when I went!

Staff gave me a free gym towel to use for my workout and the toilets were in good condition with paper. I also found one Ladies’ shower upstairs (and presumably one for men, I didn’t snoop around the men’s changing rooms on this occasion). What I didn’t find was free water though, so take some along.

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They’ve got a pretty good selection of weights here and heavy lifters will be pleased with the range of dumbbells, which go up to 50kg. They were mostly well-racked, and the surplus were neatly arranged on the floor for the most part. Despite this, I struggled to find a pair of 10kg weights, but everything else was present and correct! You’ll also find two full sets of barbells, albeit a lighter range. They go from 5kg to 25kg in 5kg increments.

The gym hosts a preacher curl station, wide cable crossovers with a set of pull up bars and another narrower set of two cables with pull up bars. There’s also a bench press rack. For your lower body, you’ll find a squat rack and a Smith machine.

Also for heavy lifters, you’ll find most resistance machines here are plate loadable. These include a shoulder press, bicep machine, leg press, leg extension and leg curl. Regular pin loaded machines consist of an assisted pull-ups machine, chest press, rear delt / pec fly, lat pulldown, seated abdo, leg press and adductor machine.

As well as the usual benches for free-weight work, they’ve got a hip extension bench and inclined abs bench, as well as a hanging leg raise (which I realise is not a bench).

Separate Section

You’ll find a small separate section of the gym to the left, which predominantly contains a handful of the resistance machines mentioned above and a few mats. They’ve got a small amount of space here to do floor work, but this is in the warmer half of the gym so you might wish to do it elsewhere! However it is a little more private here.


The cardio equipment here is pretty modern and all worked well when I was there. There’s a fair range for the size of the gym. I found six treadmills, two crosstrainers, three upright bikes and one recumbent bike. No rower, but this is quite commonly omitted in Thailand.

Functional Equipment

At first I thought this gym didn’t have a functional training area. It doesn’t as such, but you will find gym toys dotted around in a rather homeless fashion. I saw a few in the “separate room” I aptly named above, whilst others took refuge by the dumbbells and other areas. I also spotted kettlebells from 3 – 10kg, a lightweight medicine ball or two, a small step-board, wobble-board, a small Swiss ball and some mats. These were half-length but pretty thick and good quality.

You’ll also find a couple of boxing bags close to the toilet along with further gym toys. I found one hanging punchbag (fairly heavy) and a one much smaller speedbag. Additionally you’ll see several sets of gloves and pads here.

In the same area, I found an abs roller, skipping ropes, resistance bands and tubes. If you need floor space, it’s not difficult to find some in this spacious gym, but there’s no specific area designated.

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Summary of Fitness Plus Krabi

Fitness Plus Krabi is a great little gym in an ideal central location. It’s the joint-cheapest I found in Krabi and at least half of it was well-airconditioned. When I attended mid-morning, there were a handful of westerners and locals training – far from busy and there was a good atmosphere. I’d happily return to train here.

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Fitness Plus Krabi

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