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Gyms In Krabi

Hey and welcome to my page on gyms in Krabi. I managed to find four gyms here, all within walking distance of my accommodation in Krabi Town. I stayed at Sleep Well Hostel (which I did! – dorms only) and Holiday Station Hostel (single rooms and dorms), both of which I recommend. Holiday Station offers bargain single rooms (“Backpacker”) with aircon, currently under 200 baht a night! It’s small but tasteful and it’s your own!

As always, please click on individual gyms for full info, I’ve listed them in descending order of price.

1. BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi – 300 baht a day

BeatBlock FitnessLocated around 20 minutes’ walk north of town, BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle is the only club I found with a studio, which hosts 22 classes a week. The main gym here is very well-airconditioned and is medium-sized. There’s enough cardio and weights equipment here for most people to have a good workout. If you need floor space then there’s an excellent functional training area with lots of gym toys, but bear in mind you won’t have aircon in this area. Dumbbells go up to 25kg.

2. The Gym Krabi Fitness & Cafe – 250 baht a day

The Gym KrabiThe Gym Krabi Fitness is close to BeatBlock above, also 20 minutes walk from town. This fairly large open-plan gym is airconditioned throughout and has a large functional training area, well-equipped with a lot of gym toys. Everything here looks brand new and in excellent condition – it’s the most modern gym I found in Krabi. In terms of temperature, it’s not quite as cool as BeatBlock, but at least the whole facility benefits from some aircon. You’ll find a good range of cardio and weights here including dumbbells up to 30kg.

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3. Fitness Plus Krabi – 100 baht a day

Fitness Plus KrabiCentrally located close to most accommodation, Fitness Plus Krabi is the most convenient to get to. It’s also a large facility, well-equipped with weights and cardio equipment. If you like to lift heavy, come here – dumbbells go up to 50kg. Unlike the above gyms, you won’t find a dedicated functional training area here, though the facility is spacious enough to create your own. It’s not as well equipped with gym toys as the above clubs.


4. Krabi Super Fitness – 100 baht a day

Krabi Super FitnessAlso centrally located, but to be blunt, not worth visiting. It’s much smaller than Fitness Plus Krabi with much older equipment and isn’t aesthetically appealing at all. It wasn’t even staffed on the two occasions I went to look at it (but still open) – even they didn’t want to be there apparently! I literally didn’t see anything here that you couldn’t use at any of the above gyms, on a more modern piece of equipment. There’s no aircon either.


Which Gym in Krabi Should I Pick?

As always, it’s very much a personal choice and depends on what kind of workout you’re doing, your budget, location and preferences. Here are my thoughts…

Best For Classes

Easy – BeatBlock Fitness as it’s the only one of the four which offers them.

Best For Budget

Another simple answer – Fitness Plus Krabi, as it’s the joint cheapest gym and it’s a million times better than Krabi Super Fitness in terms of facilities.

Best Location

Again, Fitness Plus Krabi takes it – it’s the most centrally located along with Krabi Super Fitness, which isn’t worth bothering with in my opinion. Bear in mind these two gyms are only 900m apart / 11 minutes walk.

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Best For Functional Training

You’ll have to make the 20 minute walk north of town for a decent functional training workout. It’s a battle between The Gym Krabi Fitness and Beatblock Fitness. Whilst BeatBlock has a dedicated green area for floorwork and a good range of functional toys, the area is not air-conditioned. The Gym Krabi Fitness however has a better selection of gym toys and is air-conditioned, so it’s the winner for me.

Best For Cardio

It all depends – if you want the coldest room, go for Beatblock, but it has less equipment than some of the other gyms. The Gym Krabi Fitness has the best range of equipment including a rowing machine – the other gyms don’t have one. It only has one piece of each type of some equipment though, so train off-peak to maximise your chances of getting on what you want. Fitness Plus meanwhile has more duplicates of equipment. Also, most of it is well-air-conditioned, though not all treadmills seem to get it.

Other Cardio Options!

Speaking of cardio, I strongly recommend you go up Dragon Crest Mountain while you’re here. The views are absolutely stunning and it took me about 90 minutes to climb. I did however stop a lot to take pictures, as there seemed to be no end of beautiful view-points here. I took a minibus both ways, booked through my hostel for 200 baht each way.

The other short hike I recommend is up to Tiger Cave Temple. It’s shorter and steeper than Dragon Crest – you’ll be climbing 1237 steps of varying heights and some are huge. I did it in half an hour which included a couple of brief stops to catch my breath and rehydrate. Prepare to feel wiped out at the top, partly due to the heat – go early.

Another option – run around along the river – there’s a beautiful path all the way down.

Summary of Gyms in Krabi

I hope I’ve helped you with selecting a gym in Krabi to suit you. If so and you’d like to support my site, please consider a small donation or buy me a coffee below. This act of kindness will make my day and helps to fund my travels. It also fuels my motivation to continue producing useful content for you and is always much appreciated. Thank you – I wish you a fun and enjoyable trip!

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Fitness Plus Krabi

Fitness Plus Krabi Unnamed Road, Krabi, 81000 (see Location details below) Facebook Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:30 – 22:00, Sun: 9:00 – 17:00 Cost: 100 baht per day, or 550 per week or 1000 per month. Better rates for longer stays. Location Fitness Plus Krabi is well located in Krabi town centre, very close […]

BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi

BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi 317/14 Maharaj Rd, Pak Nam, Krabi Town, 81000 Facebook Opening Hours: 9:00 – 21:00 Cost: 300 baht per day or 1700 per month Location BeatBlock Fitness Lifestyle Krabi is located just north of town, around 20 minutes walk from the centre of Krabi town / most accommodation. It’s very close to […]

The Gym Krabi Fitness & Cafe

The Gym Krabi Fitness & Cafe 55/9 Hutangkoun, Pak Nam, Krabi 81000 Facebook Opening Hours: 8:30 – 21:00, 7 days a week Cost: 250 baht a go or 1300 baht per month. Location The Gym Krabi Fitness and Cafe is located just over 1km north of the town centre. It’s easy to find as it’s […]

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