Anytime Fitness Bangkok (K Village)

Anytime Fitness Bangkok

Anytime Fitness Bangkok (K Village)

Sukhumvit 26, Khlong Toei (Or Klong Toey), 10110, Bangkok


Opening Hours: 24/7, 7 days a week for members
Staffed Hours: 8:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week

Cost: Free Trial valid for three days (consecutively)

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And I’m back in Bangkok for a final couple of nights before seeing what Cambodia has to offer me! After 4.5 months of teaching here, followed by 2.5 months of being a tourist, I will certainly miss this country. (Being a tourist more than being a teacher, I have to admit!)

So, here I am in Phrom Phong, chosen for its proximity to Ekkamai bus station where I was supposed to arrive late last night. As it happened, things didn’t quite go to plan and I ended up arriving in Mo Chit, miles away; oops. But that’s another story. So here I am – Anytime Fitness Bangkok, what have you got for me?!

Location and Entry

This fairly large gym is located 3km West of Ekkamai, the Eastern Bus terminal in Bangkok. The nearest BTS station is Phrom Phong and the nearest metro station is Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, which are 1.2km and 1.5km away respectively. By choosing somewhere a little further out from the main tourist areas, I hoped to be able to use the free pass I’d registered for on the website.

I stayed in Badu Sukhumvit and Monkey Nap, both of which are 15-20 minutes walk away (1.2km).

You’ll see the gym from the street; walk behind it into a courtyard and go up the stairs/escalator one floor to its entrance and press the buzzer.

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As the website had said that “Terms and Conditions apply”, I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d be able to use the free pass without proof of residency, but as it happened my luck was in. The personal trainer on duty was busy training a client and let me in without a fuss when I mentioned I’d registered for the trial.

Upon completing my workout I asked if I’d need a card to get in for the next couple of days. At this point she asked me for my passport – which I had taken with me ‘just in case’. My excitement at being issued the pass meant I subsequently forgot I’d given her my passport and left it behind. Oops. Not that anyone noticed; it was still there in the photocopier 30 minutes later when I returned – they hadn’t realised I’d left without it either! Phew, it’s once again safely with me. Well, as safe as it ever is with me.


Great to be back in an attractive modern gym again with all the perks that come with it – not least of which is aircon. The free cold water is another welcome bonus.

The gym is medium-large, tidy and clean with weights in their homes and easy to find. Overall a great range of cardio, weights and functional training equipment.

At first I didn’t notice that there is further equipment on what appears to be a balcony outside. It’s actually another well-airconditioned part of the gym in a separate area!

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In the main gym area, Anytime Fitness Bangkok has 5 treadmills, a stairclimber and 2 crosstrainers. Wondering where the bikes are? So was I! Venture outside onto the balcony and you’ll find 3 bikes and a rowing machine too. Best of all, this area is just as well air-conditioned as the main gym and the cardio equipment here gives you a view of the streets outside. (Nothing spectacular admittedly, but better than a gym wall!)


You’ll find dumbbell free weights up to 50kg and barbells up to 55kg. The barbells range from 10-55kg increasing in 5kg increments and all are straight (ie not curled). There’s also a separate rack of lightweight dumbbells, catering for everyone.

There’s everything you’d expect to find in a good modern chain, including cable crossovers, several sets of pull-ups bars, assisted pull-up bars, a Smith machine, squat rack.

Resistance machines include a leg extension, leg curl and leg press, a pec deck, shoulder presses and chest presses, lat pulldown, row and tricep pulldown cable.

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Functional Training

Head out onto what you might think is just a balcony and you’ll find a nice airconditioned area which hosts a few cardio machines and the majority of the functional training equipment. There’s also an inclined abs bench. You’ll find a large range of kettlebells up to 32kg, medicine balls up to 40lbs / 18kg and 3 x Gripr bags of 8, 10 and 16kg each. Other gym toys include numerous Swiss balls, battle ropes and 2 corebags, of 20kg and 24kg.

There is ample floor space here, with even more space and gym toys in the studio…

Studio and Classes

In addition to the above, the spacious studio has a TRX, more pull up bars, a stepboard with lots of risers, many yoga mats, boxing gloves and pads, blocks for yoga and handles for doing push-ups without wrist extension.

The club runs around 20 classes a week, which include Tabata, Functional Training, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Muay Thai and Cardio Boxing. The medium-sized studio looked modern and in excellent condition, as you’d typically find in any top of the range club.


Anytime Fitness Bangkok is an excellent gym with friendly staff and a laid-back atmosphere. When I attended at 11am there were only a few people training including a couple of PTs with their clients. A pleasure to work out in a nice modern gym again!

Note, no towel is provided so take your own. There are however lockers with keys available (no deposit needed) and you can even take your own padlock if you’re super cautious.

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Anytime Fitness Bangkok (K Village)

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