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Koh Chang Gym

Koh Chang Gym

Koh Chang Gym

Moo 4, 21/26-21/27, Klong Prao, Koh Chang, 23170


Opening Hours: 9:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week
Cost: 200 baht per day / 700 per week / 1500 per month


Koh Chang Gym is located roughly in the centre of the west coast of Koh Chang, close to Khlong Prao beach. I am here in low season and it’s a quiet area with a beautiful beach and decent supermarkets – so, you can fuel up cheaply afterwards. It’s located a 15 minute walk south of my accommodation, The Habitat Hostel, which I highly recommend.

It’s easy to find on the main road, next to Chang Diving Centre – handy for booking dives or trying it out the next day, as I did! The HTMS Chang wreck dive is awesome if you can get there in good visibility (May was great, Feb less so for me).

Facilities at Koh Chang Gym

This fairly small gym in Koh Chang has a cheaper weekly rate than its southerly neighbour, BB Gym and at a glance, it’s easy to see why. The decor here is basic, the equipment is ageing and there wasn’t even any music on when I went. However, it was a comfortable temperature due to the fans, and it wasn’t an especially hot day. (By that I mean, it probably wasn’t over 30 degrees outside – cool for Thailand!)

Koh Chang Gym is set over two floors; the small area upstairs contains two bikes, an inclined abs bench, a yoga mat and a Swiss ball. Unexpectedly I also found a rare rowing machine up here!

There are a couple of decent toilets and even a basic shower.

You can rent a towel for 20 baht, or better still just take your own. Take your own water too, or buy a bottle there.

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There is a full set of dumbbells up to 35kg, all clearly labelled and in their correct places. The gym is certainly kept very tidily. You’ll also find a Smith machine, squat rack, pull up bars, cable crossovers, a lat pull down, chest press, an inclined leg press and inclined abs benches amongst a few other things.

Functional Equipment

Although you’ll find little dedicated floor space (see yoga mat upstairs!), there is sufficient space in the main gym downstairs for you to do your floorwork. Surprisingly I was the only person training at 17:00, but Koh Chang does feel like something of a ghost town right now, as it’s low season. No fights for floorspace then!

Gyms toys include rollers, Swiss balls and… a hula hoop!


The cardio equipment at Koh Chang Gym looks to be in more modern condition than the rest of the gym and comprises 3 treadmills, 2 upright bikes and 2 crosstrainers on the main floor. As mentioned, you’ll find a couple more things upstairs, including the rowing machine.

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Summary of Koh Chang Gym

Koh Chang Gym is a basic gym with a good range of equipment. The single day pass is a typical Thai island price, ie a little expensive by mainland standards. However, the weekly rate is attractive compared to some other gyms on the island, making it a good option for those on a budget.

Note that gyms in Koh Chang are all pretty spread out around the island, so if you don’t have transport, you’ll likely be limited to the one within walking distance.

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Koh Chang Gym

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