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Workout Club Fitness & Muay Thai Phuket

Workout Club Fitness Muay Thai Phuket

Workout Club Fitness & Muay Thai Phuket

34/3-5 Bangkok Road, Taladnuer, Mueng, 83000, Phuket

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Opening Hours: 7:00 – 23:00, 7 days a week
Cost: Gym Only: 390 per a day, 790 for 3 days or 1290 for a week.
Gym & Muay Thai: 490 per day, 1090 for 3 days or 1990 for 7 days.

Location and Entry

Workout Club Fitness and Muay Thai Phuket is well-located in Phuket Old Town, close to the roundabout marked as Suriyadej Traffic Circle, near most accommodation. It’s easy to spot from the street with large signs and font – head on in to enjoy this lush, if rather pricy, club. The friendly staff spoke good english and were very welcoming – they gave me two towels and an electronic locker key.


The facilities here are extremely modern and chic. The medium-large gym hosts top of the range equipment and looks brand new, along with the decor. Ditto for the stylish changing rooms. On the top floor, you’ll see a large open-air specialist Muay Thai gym which doubles up as a functional training area. You can take Muay Thai classes here three times a day!

Additionally there’s a Spinning studio and a large yoga studio.

Both the gym and studios are well-airconditioned, but the Muay Thai area is not as it’s open air. The gym temperature was certainly warmer in some parts than others, but overall well-cooled.

The spotless changing rooms, hairdryers and electronic lockers put this place on par with any top western chain of gyms.

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The spacious and attractive free weights section here at Workout Club is well-equipped with both barbells and dumbbells. You’ll find a full set of dumbbells up to 100lbs, all perfectly racked in order. Alongside, there’s a rack of both straight and curled barbells from 10 – 50lbs in 10lb increments. You’ll find plenty of benches here and better still, ample space between them to train.

For your legs you’ll find two squat racks and two Smith machines, along with a plate-loadable leg press and squat station.

For your upper body, they’ve got a flat, inclined and declined bench press, a preacher curl and a single pulldown cable in addition to a lat pulldown. You’ll also find a narrow set of cable crossovers with some pull-up bars. Although these are the only pull-up bars here as such, you can also find overhead horizontal bars on the squat racks. Best of all, they have my favourite machine – assisted pull-ups, along with a lat pulldown.

If you want to lift heavy, you’ll find a handful of plate-loadable resistance machines for this purpose. These consist of a low row, row, incline chest press, shoulder press and the aforementioned leg machines.

You’ll also find abs benches, a hip extension and hanging leg raise here.


The cardio section here isn’t huge but it’s top quality, new and in a well-airconditioned area, looking out through the window. You’ll find seven treadmills, two upright bikes, two recumbent bikes and a crosstrainer.

Functional Training and Muay Thai

Within the gym, I found small functional training area. It’s a matted area throughout, plus you’ll find three extra mats to lie on, which is about as many people who could comfortably work out at once in this area. Gym toys here include a Swiss ball, abs roller, resistance loops, weighted ankle wraps and a foam roller. There’s also a range of kettlebells from 6 – 14kg.

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But the main action is upstairs! Head on up for a huge Muay Thai gym where many classes take place – you’ll even find a boxing ring up here. This open-air sheltered area hosts three Muay Thai classes per day at 10:00, 18:00 and 19:30 respectively, lasting 1.5 hours each. I was informed the classes are held in both Thai and English.

This well-equipped area has (unsurprisingly!) plenty of boxing equipment such as gloves, pads and several heavy hanging punchbags. But it doesn’t stop there – they’ve also got Swiss balls, ViPRs, step-boards, plyoboxes, TRXs and skipping ropes. You’ll also find power balls from 4 – 10kg, mini hurdles, cones, foam rollers, yoga blocks, and a stash of mats.

Studios and Classes

In addition to the Muay Thai classes, Workout Club Phuket hosts 25 other classes a week. These include Zumba, Yoga, Bootcamp, Circuits, Fitball, Aeroboxing, Muscle Tone, Trampoline and Dance. You’ll also find three Spinning classes per week in their dedicated studio.

Summary of Workout Club Fitness & Muay Thai Phuket

Workout Club Phuket is an awesome high-end facility, which caters well for regular gym goers, as well as Muay Thai and other class enthusiasts. However if you only want a gym, this place is very overpriced – you’ll find other decent gyms which charge half the price of this place. But if you’re into Muay Thai, it may well be worth paying the price to use these extensive facilities – I didn’t do the class myself though. Note that you’ll get the gym for free when you pay for Muay Thai, if you’ve got any energy left.

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Workout Club Fitness & Muay Thai Phuket

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