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Club Asia Fitness Phuket

Club Asia Fitness Phuket

Club Asia Fitness Phuket

(Royal City Phuket Hotel gym)

3rd FL, Royal Phuket City Hotel, 154 Phang Nga Road, Phuket 83000
Website   Facebook
Opening Hours: 6:30 – 21:30
Cost: 200 baht per day or 1250 for a month


Club Asia Fitness Phuket is well-located in the centre of Phuket town, around 400m walk from the post office. It was the closest gym to my accommodation, White Wall Poshtel, which I chose for its superb included breakfast and general comfort. Unlimited boiled eggs, toast, bananas and coffee were an awesome start to each day to fuel up for the workout ahead and they offer both dorms and private rooms.

The gym is located inside the Royal Phuket City Hotel if you’re feeling flash. The entrance to the building is pictured below. Be warned, upon entry to the building you are likely to be faced with a large cake stand. Do not stop here! You can either head left for the stairs or right and back for the lift, but either way, keep moving and don’t look at the cake. 😉  Head up to the third floor using the stairs or lift.

Club Asia Fitness Phuket entrance


As you’ll have gathered by now, this place is far from a budget gym! Royal Phuket City Hotel Gym spans one floor, and is broadly divided into a cardio and resistance room along with a free weights room with some functional equipment. Both of these rooms are well airconditioned.

Additionally you’ll find a large attractive studio for classes and a Spinning studio, also with aircon. Outside of the gym, some extra equipment features. I’m not sure if it’s faulty and awaiting repair or just couldn’t fit inside. (It looks a little older than some of the rest of the equipment).

There’s also a very inviting swimming pool outside and places to lounge around after your workout. (Yes, after it, not instead of it, haha!) The changing rooms offer a sauna (in case you’re finding Thailand a bit chilly) and hairdryers.

All the decor here is attractive and new-looking. The gym equipment itself ranging from old to new, but it’s all in good condition and features top brands like TechnoGym and StarTrac. I was given two free towels and a locker key upon entry.

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You’ll find a dedicated room full of weight-training equipment at Club Asia Fitness Phuket, as well as a number of pin-operated resistance machines in cardio room. There’s an excellent range of these for both lower and upper body.

The weights room itself contains dumbbell free weights up to 100lbs, which were mostly neatly racked when I went. You’ll also find a rack each of straight and curled barbells which go from 10lbs to 50lbs in 10lbs increments.

There’s a squat rack and two Smith machines for your legs and an incline, decline and flat bench press for your chest. You’ll find plenty of cables here too such a wide cable crossover station with three and one cable station on each end respectively. They’ve also a got a narrow cable crossover and you’ll find pull up bars on each of these two stations. Also for your lats there’s an assisted pull-ups machine and a lat pulldown.

If you like to lift heavy, you’ll be pleased to see several plate loadable machines here too, including several Hoist machines for optimum excitement! These are a shoulder press, incline press, chest press, lat pulldown, mid row and hack squat. Regular plate-loadable machines consisted of a row, leg curl, leg press, bicep and pec fly (a new one on me!).

In this same room, you’ll find a hip extension bench and abs benches.

The only slight drawback to this room is that it’s not very spacious. It’s big, but there isn’t too much space between the benches in the free weights area as they are somewhat crammed in. If it’s not busy it’s fine, but could be a bit of squeeze with lots of people!


You’ll find an excellent range of cardio machinery at Club Asia Fitness, going from slightly old to new. All of it worked well and was manufactured by well known brands. I found nine treadmills, six ellipticals, a rower and a lateral trainer. For bikes you’ll find two airbikes, two upright bikes, two recumbent bikes, a Spin bike (as well as a studio dedicated to it). Outside the gym on the landing area, I also saw four StarTrac bikes.

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Functional Training

Surprisingly, this large well-equipped gym had only a small offering for dedicated floor space – I nearly missed it completely! Just to the right of the bar area, you’ll see a small matted area for floor work. When I went, someone was exercising there and it would have been cramped if I’d joined her, so I found space in the weights gym as it was quiet. I saw others using the Spinning studio for this purpose. Realistically the floor-space is only suitable for one or two people at once.

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a huge amount of space in the weights room either to do floorwork without being in the way, but if it’s quiet you’ll be fine. Despite this, you will find a fair amount of gym toys. These include around nine kettlebells going up to 20kg, two medicine balls, some step boards, a few abs rollers and a couple of Swiss balls. You’ll also find some fairly decent mats.


The main group exercise studio here is seriously stunning! It’s huge, well lit with natural daylight and well equipped with all sorts. You’ll find step-boards, weights for Body Pump classes, Swiss balls andblocks for yoga. There are also numerous yoga mats as well as thicker mats. You’ll also find boxing gloves and pads here.

I found a total of 38 classes on the timetables, including Body Pump, Body Combat, Sh’zam, Zumba, Step, various Yoga options, Circuits and FitBall.

Summary of Club Asia Fitness Phuket

This gym at Royal Phuket City Hotel is overall a fantastic large facility. I found it was attractive, mostly modern and the pool is a lovely bonus! Whether you’re into classes, weights or cardio, you’ll find plenty to do here and the aircon works well. The only downside for me was a shortage on floor space, though it’s not a huge problem if the club isn’t busy / if it’s not your main exercise.

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Club Asia Fitness Phuket

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