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TopGym Fitness and Yoga, Hanoi

TopGym Fitness Hanoi

TopGym Fitness and Yoga, Hanoi

SỐ 1A – Nguyễn Khắc Nhu – Trúc Bạch – Quận Ba Đình


Opening Hours: 5:30 – 21:00, 7 days a week

Price: 150k per go. Weekly and monthly rates available with a membership consultant at club.


TopGym Fitness & Yoga is located near the popular area around Ho Hoan Kiem lake, around 1.5km north of it. It is right next to (east) of Ho Truc Bach lake. The location is correct on Google maps you’ll see it easily from the street and probably hear the music too!


Firstly and most importantly if you’re here in summer – there’s aircon! The ground floor is full of it and beautifully cool, whilst the floor above is partially airconned. By that I mean there are a few units around, but only to take the edge off the heat – fans will do the rest, but it’s substantially hotter than downstairs.

I was given a small towel and a locker key upon entry. Take your own water.

This large modern gym is split over two floors – both have a mixture of cardio and resistance machines, whilst the upper floor has the dumbbell freeweights. All areas are spacious and equipment is in excellent condition, and by and large, modern. The ground floor resembles a top of the range elite gym, whilst upstairs is hotter and with some slightly less modern equipment and decor, but overall still pretty good.

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TopGym Fitness & Yoga has an excellent range of weight training equipment split over two floors. On the ground floor you’ll find more modern equipment, including a good range of resistance machines for both upper and lower body, two big squat rack stations with pull up bars, cable crossovers (with more pull up bars) and a couple of inclined abs benches.

Upstairs hosts all of the dumbbell freeweights; in addition to a full rack which goes up to 40kg, you’ll also find a rack of lightweight dumbbells from 1-10kg. There’s also a full rack of straight barbells here from 10kg to 45kg, going up in 2.5kg increments – super! You’ll see a few adjustables ones around too. (Note there are no fixed weight curled barbells)

You’ll also find a range of disc-loadable resistance machines upstairs; these include a low row, chest press, shoulder press, standing squat and inclined leg press. There are also numerous bench press stations and a Smith machine.

Standard resistance machines up here include a leg extension, leg curl, lat pulldown and leg press. For a wider range, head downstairs.


Cardio equipment is split fair evenly between the two floors. If I were using it, I’d pick downstairs as it’s a few degrees cooler. The equipment was very modern and all in good condition – a pleasure to use!

Downstairs you’ll find ten treadmills, two crosstrainers and three upright bikes.

Alternatively head upstairs for five more treadmills, two more crosstrainers, four Spin bikes and two belt vibrating machines.

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Functional Training

You’ll see a little room next to the entrance to the building downstairs. I was a little confused what it was at first, as it’s a small room containing a lot of bikes which look like they might be for rent (to use outside). However you’ll also find a large number of kettlebells here which go up to 16kg, power bags from 5-25kg (in 5kg increments) and a lot of medicine balls. It’s very warm in there though so I’d advise taking whatever you want out to use in the main gym.

There’s a strip of astroturf ideal for walking lunges and battleropes lie along it.

Need more floorspace? I found loads upstairs near the freeweights – you’ll also find abs rollers, a Swiss ball and press up bars here and the gym is overall very spacious.

Studio and Classes

TopGym Fitness & Yoga has a stunning-looking big studio, where around 42 classes per week take place. The vast majority of these are an even split of Yoga, Zumba and Aerobics, and you’ll also see three “Burn and Turn” classes on late afternoon.


I loved this gym! The price is pretty high, but if you’re here in summer you might find it’s worth it just to be able to work out in the comfort of aircon, which the ground floor does really well. Even the warmer upstairs is a vast improvement on other gyms that don’t have aircon; the couple of AC units here do take the edge off the heat though and there are ample fans. Apart from dumbbell freeweights, most of your workout can be done downstairs in any case, especially if you’re adaptable on how you train.

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TopGym Fitness and Yoga, Hanoi

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