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Olympia Gym – Fitness, Danang

Olympia Gym Danang

Olympia Gym – Fitness, Danang

33 Yên Bái, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Danang


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00 – 11:00, 13:00 – 20:00, Sun : 5:00 – 9:00

Cost: 20k per go or 220k per month!


Olympia Gym – Fitness is located near the city centre of Danang, less than a kilometre from the western side of Dragon Bridge. You’ll need to head predominantly north from Dragon Bridge, then west a couple of blocks. You’ll spot the huge signs from the street – head inside towards the back of the building and head up a flight of stairs. Someone will then need to buzz you through the metre high electronic door – or start your workout with a large hurdle. Part with your hard-earnt 20k dong and you’re off!


This large gym is broadly divided into one medium sized room and one large room. Each of these are further divided into sections by partial walls. Whilst the medium sized room has most of the cardio equipment, there isn’t really any obvious structure to the rest of the gym. Though this same room does have a couple of small rooms leading off it for floorwork in relative privacy.

Like many gyms in Danang, this one is sadly lacking aircon. I know, what did I expect for this price, eh? As I’m recovering from a badly sprained ankle and can’t run, I decided to do a cardio session on a bike. Thankfully this was located near a window with a reasonable draft – pick your cardio machines carefully! The gym has a few fans around at least, although it’d need a lot more to combat the temperatures here which are regularly into the high 30s, and not much less during the mornings.

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The large room hosts the bulk of the weights, especially the free weights section. Dumbbells go up to 40kg (standard around here) and you’ll also find numerous bench press stations and a combined Smith and squat machine here.  There are also several regular Smith machines, whilst some bench press racks operate Smith style, ie in one plane of motion.

I also saw a range of disc-loadable resistance machines, including an inclined leg press and preacher curl stations. You’ll generally find a very good range of resistance machines. These are both pin operated and disc loadable around both gym rooms.

There are also several sets of pull up bars in the main room.

The medium sized gym room contains a disc-loadable standing squat machine, as well as a combined Smith/squat machine. Other leg equipment includes a calf raise, inclined leg press, leg curl, an ab/adductor machine and a leg extension. You’ll also find several hip extension benches – one flat and a couple inclined.

This room also has a good amount of upper body equipment – in fact, apart from free weights, this area has pretty much everything you’d need. I found this room first and was amazed to later discover it wasn’t even the main gym!

Upper body equipment includes two lat pulldowns, a set of pull up bars and cable crossovers.

Functional Training

A side room off the medium-sized room has some fairly private floor space, adjustable barbells, three kettlebells up to 25lbs, some benches and lightweight dumbbells. There’s slightly smaller room attached to this one too with more floor space, a couple of Swiss balls, yoga mats and resistance loops.

The whole of the medium sized gym is fully matted – comfy to lie down!

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You’ll find seven treadmills, three Spin bikes and one regular bike in the medium sized room. There are also some vibrating machines here.  The large room has a stepper lurking in it near from front too and possibly another Spin bike if you look hard enough. None of it is especially modern but all looked to be in good condition and the bike I used worked and adjusted well.


Olympia Gym – Fitness is the cheapest gym I found on the city side of Danang at a bargain 20k! Considering the range of equipment here and available floor space, it really is a bargain – if you can manage in these temperatures without aircon. There is a huge range of resistance equipment here as well as free weights. Although there’s not a huge focus on functional training, you’ll find the basics, along with a lot of floor space.

The price is the same as Star Gym Fitness, the cheapest gym I found on the My An beach side. Olympia Gym – Fitness was several times bigger, although with less modern facilities than Star Gym. Whichever side you’re on, you can’t complain for the price!

Need a cooler gym?

The nearby MMA Fighter Gym is a reasonably priced 100k and significantly cooler due to a few aircon machines. Alternatively spend a fortune on luxury at Elite Fitness Danang. There are also several gyms for 100k or less on the quieter My An beach side of Danang too – check out your options here!

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Olympia Gym – Fitness, Danang

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