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Rafa’s Gym Havana

Rafa's Gym Havana

Rafa’s Gym Havana

Plasencia (between Maloja and Sitio), between Vedado district and the centre of Havana

Opening times: Mon-Fri 800-1200 and 1600-2000.

Price: 10 CUC per month or 1 CUC per session.

Location and Facilities

Firstly the positives – it’s on Google Maps and there’s a clear sign outside it so you know where it is.

Now that we’ve identified that, turn around and walk away. Rafa’s Gym Havana is not a gym in the sense that most of you will be expecting – it is a small terraced house. When you enter the “gym” you are actually standing in someone’s (rather small) hallway. There’s some sort of weights equipment on each side of you. Is that it? Not quite. Walk in a bit further (to the living room?) and there are a couple more weight type things. Please excuse the lack of description, I was just shocked that this could be classed as a gym. It is categorically the smallest “gym” I have seen anywhere in the world and even if you were the only person in it, there is barely space to swing a cat. You’d do better to go for a run, walk or do press-ups in your accommodation or a park.

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Summary of Rafa’s Gym Havana

Personally, I recommend you walk to a real gym; there is one 8-10 minutes walk away. It might not have a name or a signpost outside it but I promise you it’s there. (Or it is as I write this anyway!) See The Nameless Gym.

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Rafa’s Gym Havana

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