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Plus Fitness Fremantle, WA

Plus Fitness Fremantle

Plus Fitness Fremantle, WA

28 Queen St, Fremantle WA 6160

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Opening Hours: 24/7 for members or
Staffed Hours: Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 14:00 and Mon – Thu: 15:30 – 19:00

Cost: Casual rates start from $9.95 a visit!


Plus Fitness Fremantle is in a great location in the heart of Freo, around 500m east of the train station. It’s easy to spot with its distinctive font and colours, and there’s a car park straight across from it if you’re on wheels.


The attractive modern facilities are typical of this excellent chain of Aussie gyms. This medium-sized branch is set over two floors, with cardio equipment and resistance machines being located on the ground floor. There’s also some functional equipment and floorspace here. Upstairs hosts the free-weights and studio, which doubles up as another functional training area.

You’ll find toilets on both floors and a couple of very good showers.

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You’ll find most of free weights upstairs, with the exception of pin-operated resistance equipment.

I found dumbbell freeweights up to 50kg and a full set of straight barbells up to 55kg. There’s a shelf of kettlebells which went up to a gruelling 24kg, and a full rack of lightweight dumbbells from 1 – 10kg.

For your legs, you’ll find two squat stations and a Smith machine, as well as a leg press.

The squat racks also come with pull-up bars, and you’ll also find cable crossovers with a lat pulldown, tricep pulldown and row attached. There are also several bench press machines, both with bars and disc-loadable. The benches are adjustable so you can incline, decline or use them flat.

You’ll also find a rig with a TRX and punchbag attached, along with an abs bench.

I found a handful of pin-operated resistance machines on the ground floor at Plus Fitness Fremantle. Handily, they all had dual functionality, making good use of the space available. Here’s the equipment I found:

Assisted pull-ups / dips
Leg extension / curl
Lat pull down / chest press
Leg press / calf extension
Rear pec / delt fly
Back extension / abs crunch
Shoulder press / chest press

In each case, one machine performed both functions.

Additionally you’ll find a further squat rack on this floor, along with a hip extension bench, numerous disc weights and a rack of lightweight dumbbells.

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Studio and Functional Equipment

This medium-sized studio hosts around thirty classes a week, namely Boxing, Youth Boxing and Yoga. It also offers a range of classes on demand on the big screen.

Like the rest of the gym, the studio looks new with up to date equipment. This includes four Spin bikes, a Swiss ball, Pilates blocks, battleropes and an adjustable barbell.

You’ll also find a couple of stepboards, several good quality yoga mats and regular mats neatly hanging up.

The boxing equipment includes numerous sets of gloves and pads and six punchbags.

Go downstairs and you’ll find a smaller floorspace area with a fair number of gym toys. These include medicine balls up to 15kg, more mats, a couple of Swiss balls and some foam rollers. There are also some plyoboxes and resistance loops here.


Plus Fitness Fremantle has a good range of very modern cardio equipment which looks out towards the street, as well as up to the TV screens. You’ll find around six treadmills, three upright bikes, one recumbent bike, four ellipticals and two rowers.

Fancy a Spin bike? Head upstairs to the studio and you’ll find five of them in there!

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I really enjoyed my workout at this friendly laid-back gym and the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming! (Thanks Troy and Sian!) The club’s logical layout made it easy to find what I wanted and the signs requesting people to re-rack their weights paid off – the club was tidy and clean. Plus Fitness Fremantle definitely lived up to the high standards of this chain and I’d happily return. Check the staffed hours above as it’s only 24/7 once you’re a member.

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Plus Fitness Fremantle, WA

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