Anytime Fitness Perth – Murray St, WA

Anytime Fitness Perth

Anytime Fitness Perth – Murray St, WA

158 – 160 Murray St, Perth, WA 6000.

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Opening Hours: 24/7 for members, otherwise:
Staffed Hours: Mon – Thu: 10:00 – 19:00, Fri: 9:00 – 14:00

Cost: Casual rates: $15 a go, or $25 for 2 passes or $30 for 3 day passes.

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Anytime Fitness Perth has an excellent central location on Murray St, one of Perth’s main high streets. It’s handily located right by Woolworths, which is a major supermarket here. It’s unmissable from both Murray St and Barrack St with large signs.


This medium-sized gym is modern and well up to the high standard of this global chain. It’s set over the first floor of the building and everything is in one open plan room. It’s simple to find what you want, due to its size and logical layout.
There are separate lockable doors to individual showers and changing rooms for optimum privacy. Take your own towel.

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You’ll find a long rack of dumbbells up to 50kg including a full set of lightweight dumbbells from 1- 10kg. There’s also a full set of straight barbells up to 45kg, along with a few adjustable ones.

You’ll also see cable crossovers with several cable stations attached, incl a lat pulldown, row and tricep pulldown, along with overhead pull-up bars. There’s also a narrow-set cable station with further pull-up bars, as well as an assisted pull-up bar station. You’re in the right place for your lats!

There are a generous number of squat racks here – 3, plus a Smith machine. The squat stations all come with pull-up bars.

Loadable resistance machines include an inclined leg press, horizontal bench press, row and seated calf machine.

Prefer pin-operated machines? Then you’ve got a leg extension, leg curl, pec fly/rear delt and shoulder press machine.

You’ll also find a preacher curl station, hip extension bench and an inclined abs bench.


Anytime Fitness has a fair amount and good range of cardio equipment. You’ll find five treadmills, four ellipticals, and five bikes: two uprights, one recumbent and two Spin bikes. There are also two rowers and a stairclimber.

Functional Training

I found a dedicated floor-space area here with a decent amount of functional training equipment. I saw Swiss balls, BOSUs, a TRX, foam rollers, an abs roller, several plyoboxes and a stepboard.

There are medicine balls up to 12kg and kettlebells up to 32kg. You’ll also find some battle-ropes, perfect push-up bars and boxing gloves and pads.

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This medium-sized gym is ideally located in the centre of Perth. Whilst not the largest gym in Perth, it offers cheaper casual rates than its neighbour, Goodlife Murray St. Goodlife is several times bigger though, so you trade in cost for size. Incidentally, Anytime Fitness Perth was noticeably smaller than other Anytime Fitness clubs I’ve used in Canada and Thailand, but it certainly has everything most people would need for for a good workout. The club was clean and staff were friendly and everything was modern and well-maintained. Avoid peak times to ensure you can get on the equipment you want.

For an Overview of Gyms in Perth, please click on the link.

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Anytime Fitness Perth – Murray St, WA

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