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Peak Fitness Penang, Gurney Plaza

Peak Fitness Penang

Peak Fitness Penang, Gurney Plaza

Level 7, Gurney Plaza, 170-07-07 George Town, Penang

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Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 6:30 – 23:00, Sat – Sun and public holidays: 9:30 – 19:30

Cost: Free 3-day trial upon request.
Otherwise RM 55 per day, RM 129 per week or RM 199 per month.

Location and Entry

Peak Fitness Penang is located in Gurney Plaza, a popular shopping mall 4km west of George Town. You can get here from the centre of George Town on one of several buses from 101 – 104. Finding a gym inside a large shopping mall has never been simple and this is no exception! As it’s located seven floors up, I had the grand idea of taking the lift, instead of going up seven time-consuming escalators. This resulted in me exploring the mall’s seventh floor car park in some detail, but didn’t find me a gym. Dropping down to floor three and talking to staff proved more productive. Ultimately you need make sure you are at the back of the mall (north) before attempting to ascend in any form. At this point, you can take the lift tucked away in the most northwest corner of the mall.

Once in the vicinity, the gym is unmissably signed. I acquired a free trial with relative ease – note that you can register for them on the Peak Fitness website, or simply pass by and ask. (The result of the latter might depend on staff of course.)

Although I wasn’t asked for ID to use the club, I was asked to leave some at reception as a deposit for the electronic locker key. They accepted my driving licence.


I promptly concluded that Peak Fitness Penang was well worth navigating the mall for! Upon entry, you’ll see a large open astro-turfed area for functional training – it’s immediately clear that this gym is not short of space. It’s easily the biggest gym I have used in Penang so far, with the cardio area and studio being the most dramatic increase.

The reasonably-sized weights area has two full sets of dumbbells, which I imagine is a big plus-point in peak periods – and I imagine this place is popular!

The whole cardio section of the back of the gym has wall length windows so you can admire the view outside whilst you’re hammering it – a definite plus point if you’ll be using the treadmills.

You’ll find free access to water and the option to get a towel from reception – I’m unsure if the latter is charged. The changing rooms are well-equipped with hairdryers, as well as being clean, attractive and fairly spacious.

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The free weights area at Peak Fitness Penang is well-stocked with two full racks of dumbbells, which go up to 40kg and 50kg respectively. I also saw a full rack of lightweight dumbbells. You’ll find benches, mirrors and space along the full length of all these. The full rack of barbells (straight only) goes up to 45kg and you’ll also see several adjustable barbells in different shapes.

At a glance, the range of resistance machines looked to be (as I’d expect here) modern and in great working order. But surprisingly, I found the pin was missing from several pieces of resistance equipment. Whilst it was no problem to take one from another machine (though some were attached their own machines), it surprised me that this occurred in a club this modern and well-equipped. Are people nicking the pins?! Not that it would put me off going back – this place is on par with any top Western chain. Apart from some missing pins, the resistance section was very good with a range of machines for upper and lower body.

For your legs, you’ll find two squat racks, a Smith machine and a couple of hip extensions.

Upper body equipment included three narrow cable-crossover stations with pull-ups bars, two assisted pull ups, two lat pull-downs, preacher curls and a flat and declined bench press.

You’ll also see an inclined abs bench.

Cardio equipment

Peak Fitness Penang is extremely well-equipped with cardio equipment, not only in variety but in the number. I found 16 treadmills, around the same number of crosstrainers, seven upright bikes and five recumbent bikes.

In the functional training area, you’ll find four air-bikes near the entrance, as well as four rowers and four Ski-erg machines.

Functional Equipment

AstroTurf Area

The stunning astro-turf area near the entrance is perfect for functional training. This large open area is perfect for walking lunges, big enough for circuit training and suitable for regular mat work. This attractive, new-looking, well-airconditioned area leaves little to be desired – I loved it. It’s not short of functional training equipment either…

I found a number of step-boards, Swiss balls, kettle-bells up to 32kg and several sets of power-bags from 5 – 20kg. You’ll also seee area six TRXs, lots of ViPRs, mini-hurdles and abs rollers.

As well as battle-ropes, you can also climb the net-style ropes here at the sides of the area!

There’s a couple of types of cardio equipment here too, in the form of four air-bikes, three rowers and four Ski-ergs.

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Rig Area

You’ll find a large rig located by the weights section of the gym, ideal for pull ups and monkey bars. This is also an ideal place to do one-ended barbell work such as landmine presses – you’ll find a bar set up for this purpose. You’ll also find battle-ropes and plyo-platforms here.

There’s a second area next to the astroturf which contains further squat racks, overhead pull up bars, rings, plyo-boxes, step-boards, disc-weights and benches.


If you’re a boxing enthusiast, you’ll find various types of equipment dotted around the gym. These take the form of five heavy punchbags near the studio, one (smaller) punchbag hanging from the rig and lots of sets of gloves and pads, also located by the rig.


I was very impressed with this large well-equipped studio. It’s around twice the size the studio at 7 Days Fitness and Team Powerhouse Fitness. Although it’s without natural daylight, it’s attractive, modern and well-airconditioned.

The 37 classes per week currently offered include Les Mills classes such as Pump, Step, Combat and ShBam. You’ll also find dance classes, belly dancing, yoga, Pilates and Peak Ball.

Equipment includes Les Mills weights and bars for Body Pump, step-boards, foam-rollers and Swiss balls. You’ll also find some good quality mats.


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This superb club is the best I’ve found so far in Penang. It’s large, well-airconditioned, modern and caters well for all types of workout. The fantastic studio is a bonus with 37 classes a week too – all in all, it’s well worth coming here!

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Peak Fitness Penang, Gurney Plaza

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