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Team Powerhouse Fitness, Penang

Team Powerhouse Fitness

Team Powerhouse Fitness, Penang

Level 4, Island Plaza, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, Seri Tanjung Pinang, 10470, Penang


Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 7:00 – 22:30, Sat and Sun: 8:30 – 20:30

Standard: 1 day: RM 30, 1 week: RM 60, 1 month: RM 200
Student: 1 day: RM 10, 1 week: RM 50, 1 month: RM 150 (Present any valid student card for your country)
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Team Powerhouse Fitness is located on the 4th floor of Island Plaza Shopping Mall. This is around 5km west of the centre of Georgetown – you can get buses 101 or 102 there, which currently cost a reasonable RM 1.40 each way. Enter the mall through the main entrance and turn left as soon as you can. You’ll soon reach some lifts on your right. From there, head up to the 4th floor and you’ll see the gym, where two very friendly staff welcomed me!


The first thing that struck me here is that the aircon is working – literally perfectly. Both the gym and the studio were an ideal workout temperature. This modern attractive club is set over two floors, with an open-plan main gym on one floor, along with the cycling studio. Upstairs hosts the main group fitness studio, functional training and stretching area, as well as a martial arts area. This included boxing equipment and three wing chun stations. Each floor is logically laid out, so it’s easy to find what you want.

All equipment is top of the range equipment manufactured by the big names, although some of it looked a little old. Thankfully this high quality equipment stands the test of time well and everything was in excellent working order.

The changing rooms were clean and attractive – take a padlock for the lockers and bring your own towel.

Free water is provided, but it doesn’t end there! In addition to both hot and cold water, you’ll find an actual kitchen-style area where you help yourself to tea, coffee and juices! For a moment, I thought I was in Fitness First! There’s a seating area here too, so you can chill out after your workout – this is all upstairs.

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You’ll find free weights in imperial measurements, with dumbbells going up to 100lbs and barbells up to 110lbs. There’s a full set of each of straight and curled barbells, both of which are neatly racked. You’ll also find several adjustable ones in different shapes.

I saw a large number of resistance machines for both the lower and upper body. In addition to a large number of pin-loaded machines, you’ll see around five disc-loadable Hammer-Strength machines. These are a shoulder press, incline press, chest press, pulldown and inclined leg press.

The thing that I missed seeing here was a normal set of pull-up bars. I found an assisted pull-ups machine and in the functional area I also saw a large rig. So you could still do any number of pull-ups, it was just unusual, rather than a problem. The wide cable crossovers didn’t offer a set either, even though most do. Use the assisted ones or head upstairs for the rig.

In addition to the regular wide set of cable crossovers, I found a Free-Motion (narrower) set. I also discovered a set of four cable machines here for pulldown work etc, along with a preacher curl station. Also for your upper body, you’ll find both a flat and inclined bench press.

For your legs, you’ll see two squat racks and a Smith machine. But what takes centre-stage here is the dead-lift platform in the middle of the room! All in all, an excellent range and number of weight-training equipment.

Also check out the abs benches, hip extension and hanging leg raise around the side.


Like the weights equipment, the cardio equipment was similarly top quality and there’s plenty of it! I found 11 treadmills, 5 crosstrainers, 3 upright bikes, 3 recumbent bikes, 4 lateral trainers, 2 steppers and 2 rowers. That should do most of you! And like the rest of the gym, this area was well air-conditioned, making for ideal workout conditions.

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Functional Training

This club has done an excellent job generally and here in the functional training area. You’ll find an excellent selection of gym toys here, as well as several good quality yoga mats. There’s a reasonable amount of floorspace in which to use it too and the area is welcomingly separate from the main gym.

Whilst most of the functional equipment is here, I found further equipment downstairs to the left of the cardio section.

In the main section I found ViPRs, a couple of TRXs, a trampet, hula hoop, press up bars and an abs roller. There’s also a couple of step-boards, six Swiss balls, an adjustable barbell with disc weights, good quality thin mats. battleropes and skipping ropes – phew!

You’ll also find a large overhead rig for pull-ups or monkey-bars, numerous kettle-bells up to 16kg and a full set of lightweight dumbbells up to 10kg.

And if you’re into boxing, you’ll be pleased to see two heavy hanging punchbags, numerous sets of gloves and pads and an impact blocker.

Downstairs you’ll find a few otheruseful pieces of equipment, such as stretching equipment, a range of around 10 medicine balls, step-boards, a foam roller, Swiss ball and wobble boards.

No chance of getting bored here!

Studios and the Martial Arts Area

Team Powerhouse Fitness offers a modern group training with around 36 classes per week. These include Les Mills classes such as BodyPump, BodyAttack and BodyCombat. You’ll also see HIIT, Abs, Yoga, Pilates, StrengthFit, Zumba, Konga and FlowBalance.

I also spotted around eight Spinning classes a week, most of which start at 7:30am.

Unusually for a gym, you’ll find a martial arts area next to the functional area. This comprised three wing chun stations, so if you know to do wing chun, you’re in the right place!


Excellent gym! This large facility has the best-working aircon I’ve experienced yet in Penang, which really helps motivation levels when training. Team Powerhouse Fitness really ticks all the boxes for me – it caters well for weight-trainers, cardio enthusiasts and functional trainers alike, plus you’ve got an awesome range of classes. The only slight downside for me is the location – 5km away from my accommodation in central Georgetown. It was definitely worth the trek (or rather bus-ride) though and the staff were all so welcoming and willing to answer my questions. I’ll definitely be returning here for BodyAttack next week!

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Team Powerhouse Fitness, Penang

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