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Olympic Nha Trang Gym & Fitness

Olympic Nha Trang Gym & Fitness

Olympic Nha Trang Gym & Fitness

09 Hùng Vương &, Lộc Thọ


Opening times: Mon – Sat: 500 – 2100, Sun: 500-1200

Cost: 80k dong per day


Olympic Nha Trang Gym is the second significant gym I identified in central Nha Trang from my research. The gym is well located on a major street and correctly marked on Google. You’ll find it close to a lot of the accommodation in the centre.


I paid it a visit and found it to also be well-equipped with a wide range of good quality equipment, from cardio to all manner of weights. Everything was laid out in one big open room and it’s also very central. I was pleased to see it was practically next door to the night-market. Although it was slightly cheaper than NT Fitness, I personally found NT to be more to my taste.

Olympic Nha Trang Gym & Fitness seems to predominantly target body builders who were strutting around topless in a gym that sort of resembled a dungeon. Perhaps I’m being a little harsh given the facilities. To be fair, I could easily have ignored them. Certainly, if that was the only gym around I’d have used it for sure. But I had other options and it simply didn’t have the same inviting atmosphere as NT.

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Olympic Nha Trang Gym & Fitness

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