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NT Fitness Nha Trang

NT Fitness Nha Trang

NT Fitness Nha Trang 2018

This post has been updated, please see NT Fitness Nha Trang 2020

6 Ngô Thời Nhiệm, Tân Lập, Nha Trang

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Opening times: 600 – 2100, daily.

Cost: 100k dong for 1 day, 150k for 2 days, 200k for 3 days (must be consecutive).

Location and Entry

NT Fitness Nha Trang is located centrally, about 500m walk west of Nha Trang’s nightmarket.

I entered to be greeted by friendly and chatty staff who cheerfully showed me around the club and went through the very reasonable price options. I opted for 3 days for 200k dong – these need to be taken consecutively.


NT Fitness Nha Trang is split over several floors, with the ground floor making an excellent functional training area. Here you’ll find a number of light weights, a trampet, Swiss balls, medicine balls, benches and floor space.

There were separate floors for cardio and weights (both resistance machines and a range of free weights, benches, racks etc) and a studio further up, predominantly offering yoga and Zumba classes.

There were a couple of toilets and showers downstairs including lockers, all of which were very clean. I received a free towel upon entry – except on one occasion when they said they’d run out! Take your own just in case.

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This post has been updated, please see NT Fitness Nha Trang 2020

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NT Fitness Nha Trang

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