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Keswick Leisure Pool, Cumbria 2018

Keswick Leisure Pool 2018

Keswick Leisure Pool, Keswick, Cumbria

Since publishing this, Keswick Leisure Pool underwent a refurb.

Please see updated post when I returned here a few months later.

Station Road, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 4NE


Cost: £7, or get a Free Pass online.

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 700-2100, Sat and Sun: 900-1800

Location and Entry

The gym is located a short walk from the centre of Keswick, and as the name suggests, is part of a leisure pool, with the leisure pool and waterslide being the main attraction.

The staff were surprised when I presented them with a free pass email, found on their website. She told me I was the first person to present her with this, despite her working there five years! Who’s going to be next to make her day with another one?


The gym is fairly small, dated and not especially clean. However, without any competition, it is the only gym facility I’ve found in Keswick and certainly better than nothing!

Weights equipment includes a rack of dumbbells ranging from 5kg to 40kg, along with a few lightweight dumbbells. There is an adjustable barbell (curved) and tricep bar, along with one squat station with a bench, which includes pull up bars. There is also a handful of resistance machines, including leg extension/curl, a lat pulldown and assisted chin ups.

The cardio machines include three treadmills, a couple of crosstrainers, three rowing machines and several bikes.

There are large two mats and very little other floorspace. Additionally there is a set of medicine balls, a 10kg powerbag, some kettlebells, boxing gloves and pads and a foam roller.

TRX Training
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I considered £7 to be very expensive, given the facilities. Hopefully, as Keswick Leisure Pool has been refurbished since I wrote the above, it will be more worthy of its price tag. My advice based on what I saw would be to use a free pass and then take to the hills! You’ll get a great cardio and leg workout climbing those mountains. Don’t forget your waterproofs and a good pair of hiking boots!

Since publishing this, Keswick Leisure Pool underwent a refurb. Please see updated post when I returned here a few months later.

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Keswick Leisure Pool, Cumbria 2018

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