Want a Cheap Gym in Saigon?

CLB The Hinh Tran Hung Dao cheap gym Ho Chi Minh

Want a Cheap Gym in Saigon?

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CLB The Hinh Tran Hung Dao

257 Nguyễn Khắc Nhu, Phường Cô Giang, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

Website (unofficial)   Facebook

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:30 – 20:00, Sun: 5:30 – 11:00
Cost: VND 50k per day or 450k per month

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If you want a cheap gym in Saigon, CLB The Hinh Tran Hung Dao is located in district one of Ho Chi Minh, close to the Viettel store, which I can recommend for SIM cards – mine works anyway! You’ll find two separate location markers for the gym on Google Maps at the time of writing, but they are very close together. The correct one is the one down the side road, not the one in middle of the main road.

Once here, the gym is easy to spot.


This medium-sized gym is very much a rough and ready facility, with all the equipment in an open-plan room. Although it’s basic, it is well-equipped with weights, mostly. There’s a limited range of cardio equipment and no functional equipment.

Take your own water and a towel – it won’t surprise you to learn there’s no aircon here – you get what you pay for!

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This cheap gym in Ho Chi Minh has a very reasonable range and number of weights. But here’s the big downside. If you’re looking to train with dumbbells, there is no rack. This means they are all in total disarray on the floor and you’ll be lucky to find a matching pair. Additionally they are the ones composed of discs, which means the the weight is usually a guessing game anyway – good luck!

But the latter issue is really only a newcomers’ problem, and you’ll soon recognise the dumbbell sizes you need if you go regularly. The rest of the weights section is pretty good and you’ll find adjustable barbells too.

I also saw a set of wide cable crossovers with pull up bars and two additional sets of cables at each end. But where CLB The Hinh Tran Hung Dao really goes to town is the bench presses – I found 13 racks in all! They’ve provided seven flat ones, four inclined and two declined! They’ve also got a shoulder press rack here.

For your lower body you’ll find a squat rack, and the disc-loadable equipment here consists of a leg press and a standing squat.

In terms of machines, I was very impressed to find an assisted pull-ups machine, along with a leg extension, leg curl and row (all pin operated).

They’ve also provided a hip extension bench, abs bench and hanging leg raise.

Functional Training

Nope, wrong gym. You won’t really find much floor space either, but I think I saw what looked like a couple of small mats at the back – you could probably make space for them somewhere, but if this is your main workout focus, I’d go elsewhere.


The cardio equipment at this cheap Saigon gym comprises four Spin bikes and seven treadmills. All looked in good working order and my bike certainly worked well. Don’t expect top notch equipment, but it’s plenty good enough.

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Summary of CLB The Hinh Tran Hung Dao

This cheap gym in Saigon is great value for money – if you’re a weight trainer on a budget. It’s also fine if you just want to cycle or use a treadmill. Facilities are basic though so be prepared with lots of water and towel.

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Want a Cheap Gym in Saigon?

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