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Hey and welcome to my page on Gyms in Siem Reap!

It was a flash visit here, but I’ve done two full reviews of the most central gyms I found, and I paid a quick visit to another further out which I’ll share with you.

For full info, please click on individual links, where you’ll see full details of cost, opening hours, images, facilities and my review.

1. Siem Reap Fit – $1 a go

Siem Reap Fit is a fantastic budget gym located centrally, around 1km west of the river. Whilst not very modern, it is a large facility, very well-equipped with weights up to 50kg and a lot of floor space. You’ll also find a few cardio machines, namely treadmills, bikes and crosstrainers. There’s a limited amount of functional training equipment and an even more limited amount of aricon, ie none. The club also hosts yoga classes.

2. Angkor Inter Fitness – $5 a go

Angkor Inter Fitness is located centrally in Siem Reap, close to the river and is 1km east of Siem Reap Fit. In contrast to Siem Reap Gym, it’s well air-conditioned and it’s a fairly attractive facility. You’ll find a well-equipped cardio section here and a reasonable amount of functional equipment. Whilst the weights section is large, it only has dumbbells up to 35kg and the equipment is not especially modern. The two studios here host Spinning class, Yoga and Abs / Legs /Glutes classes.

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3. Angkor Muscle Gym

Angkor Muscle Gym is located around 1km south of town. With limited time and only a short stay in Siem Reap, I didn’t use it, but I did walk down to it to check it exists. It does and looked lively (lots of people!) This place is another bargain budget gym – $1 a go including a free towel. At a glance it looked well equipped, although no frills. If you’re staying this side of town it’s worth checking out!

Which Gym in Siem Reap…?

When choosing from these gyms in Siem Reap, your choice will likely depend on a combination of your location, budget and the facilities you’re looking to use. I’ll focus my comparisons on the two I have used personally.

Would I pay five times the price to use Angkor Inter Fitness instead of Siem Reap Fit? Personally I wouldn’t, but of course $5 is not expensive when you consider western rates. The main reason I’d consider paying extra would be for aircon, over facilities. If you struggle with heat generally or you’re still acclimatising, the extra investment may well be worth it for you. Apart from this, the only areas I felt Angkor Inter Fitness excelled in were its functional training equipment and classes. It also has rowing machines.


I hope this helps you to pick the right gym in Siem Reap for you. Most importantly, have a fantastic time in Siem Reap and enjoy the rest of your travels!

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