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Buddy Lodge Gym Bangkok

Buddy Lodge Gym Bangkok

Buddy Lodge Gym Bangkok

265, 271 Khaosan Rd, Talat Yot, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200


Opening Hours: 9:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 200 baht for one days, 350 baht for 2 days. (Presumably consecutive but I didn’t check)
Note that I didn’t stay at this hotel – it may well be free / cheaper if you do!



Buddy Lodge Gym Bangkok is handily located right on Khao San Road! Surprisingly to me, it was one of very few anywhere near here. I say surprisingly, because I’d have thought all tourists would be wanting to be keep fit between eating snacks of all the fried insects that you’ll find here! But there were very few options in the area, with this one being easily the most central to Khao San Road.

Finding the entrance here is simple – the hotel is clearly marked and in the correct position on Google Maps. Reception asked if I wanted 2 days for 350 baht or 1 day for 200. I’d already decided to go running the second day so I just opted for one day. From here you can take the lift up to the third floor where the gym is.


I feared the worst, being a hotel gym – and it is smaller than it looks in the pics I had seen online. But there is sufficient equipment and given the location, I thought 200 baht was sort of acceptable. (They may well offer weekly rates, I didn’t ask.)

As you’d imagine, being part of a fancy hotel, the facilities are very clean and the equipment is in good condition, as are the bathrooms. Buddy Lodge Gym Bangkok is split into a main room, with a few pieces of “overflow” equipment outside in the gym’s reception area just next to it. The main room is well air-conditioned and this filters out into the reception area to some extent.

Basically, the gym has a little bit of everything and plenty to get a decent all-round workout without venturing far at all!


Buddy Lodge Gym has a good range of dumbbells and a few weights benches. It wasn’t clear exactly how heavy they were, but they looked pretty heavy to me (I’d guess at least 30kg). You’ll also find a lat pull down, an inclined and flat bench press, a leg press and flies machines. There’s also a multi-functional resistance machine, which included a leg extension, chest press and lat pull down.

In the gym reception area, Buddy Lodge Gym has a Smith machine with a bench, along with pull up bars.

Functional Training

I found a few kettlebells, an abs roller, a Swiss ball, a BOSU, skipping rope and a couple of mats. You’ll also find a declined abs bench here.


Buddy Lodge Gym has 3 crosstrainers, 2 upright bikes, 1 recumbent bike, 2 treadmills and impressively, a rowing machine.

Summary of Buddy Lodge Gym Bangkok

Buddy Lodge Gym Bangkok is a winner for me, mainly due to being the only gym I could find that was walking distance from Khao San Road. There’s enough here for most to be able to have a good varied workout in the comfort of air-conditioning. Given all that, the price seemed reasonable to me.

You will likely find cheaper, larger gyms if you venture a little further out, but bear in mind not all gyms in Thailand are air-conditioned and working out in fan-only gyms in the heat can be pretty miserable, just to save 100 baht.


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Buddy Lodge Gym Bangkok

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