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Pig Gym 2, Danang

Pig Gym 2

Pig Gym 2, Danang

25 Yên Bái, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng


Opening Times: Mon – Sat: 5am – 8pm, Sun: 8am – 6pm

Cost: VND 100k per day, 350k per week, 550k per month


Pig Gym 2 is located in Hai Chau, on the city side of Danang. I happen to like this area because the chances of Wifi working well in accommodation seems to be considerably higher than on the beach side, in my experience! But I digress. The gym is easy to find, and correctly located on Google maps. It appears that there is another Pig Gym on the beach side of Danang, (the original Pig I guess!), but I haven’t ventured there just yet.



Pig Gym 2 looks modern and inviting and is set over two floors. Beware, there was no aircon when I went. I arrived at 8am on a particularly hot Sunday in May and it was already a decidedly sweaty affair. There are however multiple fans around the gym, which staff invited me to turn on if I wished to. Yes, thank you! Whilst this helped, I believe there is truly no substitute for AC in gyms in the summer months. Perhaps that is why the gym is so-named – because you’ll be sweating like a…?!

Apart from the lack of AC, the facilities were good and included clean toilets, lockers and the usual variety of gym equipment. Downstairs hosts the cardio and weights, whilst upstairs provides floor space, lockers and a good variety of functional training equipment, along with a boxing ring, equipment and punchbags, Knock yourself out.



Pig Gym 2 in Danang is well-equipped with dumbbells up to 40kg and barbells up to 30kg, split between straight and curled bars. You’ll find a good range of plate-loadable machines here too, and further back, pin-operated ones.

If you’re looking for lighter dumbbells, head upstairs to the functional training area, where you’ll find a whole rack of them.

There’s a great range of bench presses – three flat benches, one inclined and one declined. I also found a wide set of cable crossovers, pull up bars and the usual range of cable machines on each end. You’ll find a Smith machine and squat rack too.

They’ve also included several weights benches, as well as a hip extension and sit-ups bench.


Functional Equipment

Pig Gym 2 excels in this department, with a whole floor dedicated to new and attractive functional equipment. (Randomly, there’s also a treadmill and a set of pull up bars too)

This area is upstairs and suffers from the same lack of aircon as downstairs. 🙂

Equipment includes battle ropes, medicine balls, power packs, a plyo box, some mats, a couple of kettle bells and a good range of lightweight dumbbells.



You’ll find a small boxing ring/cage here, along with a couple of punchbags.


Pig Gym 2 has a mediocre cardio section, which consists solely of two Spin bikes and four treadmills at the time of writing.


Summary of Pig Gym 2

Pig Gym 2 is a fairly large, modern gym on the city site of Danang. Whilst well-equipped, its main downside is the lack of aircon, which could be an issue in summer. The monthly rate is something of a bargain, but the daily rate less so, although 100k seems to be the standard in this area. Whilst it has a decent selection of weights and functional training equipment, its cardio selection leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re after floor space and functional equipment, this is a great contender on a budget. All in all, a reasonable option in the cooler months. Otherwise train early or – sweat like a pig!

Additionally Pig Gym 2 is in my opinion superior to its sister club on the beach side, Pig Gym, largely due to all the functional training and boxing equipment I could access.


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Pig Gym 2, Danang

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