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Lonely Beach Gym – BB Gym Koh Chang

Lonely Beach Gym

Lonely Beach Gym – BB Gym Koh Chang

13/17 Lonely Beach, Koh Chang, Trat 23170


Opening Hours : 8:30 – 21:00, 7 days per week.
Cost: 200 baht per day / 500 for 3 days / 900 for 5 days / 1100 for a week.
Alternatively, buy 10 sessions for 1500 baht.

Check pricing on their website for up to date costs.


BB Gym Koh Chang is very simple to find, located on the main road at Lonely Beach and well-signposted outside, next to BB Lonely Beach Hostel.


The facility comprises a fairly small gym and a sizeable yoga studio upstairs. This Lonely Beach gym is open at the front and is cooled by ample fans, both overhead and from the wall. It was a comfortable temperature when I trained at 11:00, despite being very hot outside.

Most of the equipment is modern and everything I used worked well.

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BB Gym Koh Chang has dumbbell freeweights up to 35kg, with some duplicates; there is a full weights rack in pounds (up to 50lbs) and another in kilograms at the heavier end of the range.

You’ll find a squat rack, Smith machine, lat pulldown, cable crossovers and some slightly low pull-up bars, if you’re tall. There are also a couple of bench press stations and a loadable inclined leg press.

For resistance machines you’ll find a peck deck, shoulder press, chest press, leg extension, leg press and camber curl.


The cardio equipment consists of three treadmills, three bikes and a crosstrainer. All looked fairly modern and in good condition.

Functional Training and Classes

The yoga area upstairs is ideal for functional training and was empty when I attended, making it ideal for any amount of floorwork. There are numerous yoga mats, since they teach yoga classes here twice a day at 10:00 and 18:30. In addition to mats, you’ll find blocks and Swiss balls up here.

Downstairs, gym toys consist of a range of six kettlebells, several abs rollers, more yoga mats and a Swiss ball. You’ll also find a couple of step boards here!

The prices of yoga classes are currently as follows:
1 class for 300 baht, 3 for 800, 5 for 1200 or 10 for 2000 baht. Check their website for up to date pricing here.

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All in all, BB Gym Koh Chang is a great little gym with friendly staff and plenty of floorspace, thanks to the yoga studio. The pricing is a little expensive if you’re on a budget, but in line with what you would normally pay on a touristy Thai island and a similar price to other gyms in Koh Chang. It’s the only gym on Lonely Beach that I found and it does the job!

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Lonely Beach Gym – BB Gym Koh Chang

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