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Attitude Fitness Downtown LA

Attitude Fitness DTLA

Attitude Fitness Downtown LA

900 Wilshire Boulevard, 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Opening times: Mon – Fri: 5:00-21:00, Sat – Sun: 7:00-19:00
Cost: $25 per day pass, but may be discounted if you contact them in advance.

Location and Entry

Attitude Fitness DTLA is located on the seventh floor of the Intercontinental Hotel (IHG) complex in Downtown LA and I was greeted by several friendly staff – once I found the gym…!

The main challenge here is locating it within the building! I decided to enter from the street given in the address. This involved entering the building, descending one floor on the escalator in order to find the lift (elevator!) which is on your left. At this point you might notice something unusual about the lift – there is no option inside it to select a floor. Although I knew I wanted floor 7, before I knew it, I was being whisked up to floor 31 – and straight back down again with the guy who had entered there. The person who was now descending with me either didn’t speak English or didn’t want to talk to me when I asked how to reach the 7th floor. So I was back to square one, and indeed, floor one.

On my journey down I noticed a sign inside the lift saying if you have entered it without preselecting a floor (that would be me then!) you should inform security immediately. I enquired with staff and they informed me you have to select the floor number before you enter the lift on the computer screen outside, and it will tell you which of the various lifts to get into – it’s all high tech here!

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Facilities at Attitude Fitness DTLA

Attitude Fitness DTLA is a top-end luxury fitness club in LA. Think red sofas in the gym and super-posh changing rooms. It’s well-located in downtown LA and certainly worth a visit, if you can a. find it and b. afford it.

The gym is medium sized by US standards, or fairly large if you’re from anywhere else. Everything is in pristine condition with stunning décor.

Towels are provided (both for use in the gym and for showering) along with body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

Weights and Functional Equipment

Dumbbell freeweights go up to 120lbs and although I couldn’t see fixed weight barbells, there are a couple of adjustable ones. You’ll also find a couple of squat racks and a Smith machine. There is a fair amount of resistance equipment including Kinesis and some standard pull ups bars. Whilst I couldn’t find much functional training equipment, there is a range of medicine balls available.

Attitude Fitness has a medium sized floor area to the right of reception which could easily be missed. There are numerous mats available for use on it. When I trained at around 11am on a Saturday, the gym was quiet, so no problems at all getting on equipment.

The resistance machines all have digital displays which tell you how much you are lifting and how many reps you have done at any given moment. No danger of you losing count and cheating yourself out of that last rep here! The lockers are all high-tech key-free digital ones (fairly intuitive to use) and the lift up has its own quirky technology as described….


Cardio equipment consists of treadmills, curved treadmills for working sideways on, bikes, stair-climbers, ellipticals and steppers.

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Summary of Attitude Fitness 

Although the daily rate is not very compatible with a backpacker’s budget, it was certainly a novelty to experience such a luxurious club that was not overcrowded. Lovely club.

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Attitude Fitness Downtown LA

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