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Crunch San Francisco – New Montgomery

Crunch San Francisco

Crunch San Francisco – New Montgomery

Address: 61 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105


Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 530-2130, Sat: 700-1800, Sun: 900-1600
Cost: 24 hour pass is $25. Negotiable!

Location and Entry

Crunch San Francisco is a medium-large gym which is set over two floors. You’ll find it’s located downtown, four blocks east of Union Square.

Although there is an option to get a free pass on the website, it states clearly that this is for local residents only. I visited the club and was fortunate that the kind staff found a manager for me to speak to about the (rather hefty) casual rate. I explained that as a long-term traveller seeking to keep fit in a gym regularly, I’m not prepared to pay casual rates. She kindly agreed to offer me a 24 hour pass at the discounted rate of $10. As the pass is valid for 24 hours, they are very happy for you to return the next day (within the 24 hour period) – just keep your receipt. Yay, 2 for 1!


Upstairs is relatively small and contains predominantly cardio machines around the edges of the room. This overlooks the main gym below. Machines include rowing machines, arc trainers, ellipticals, steppers, stairclimbers, bikes and treadmills. There is also a separate Spinning studio and small studio.

The basement of this San Francisco gym contains luxurious changing rooms with hairdryers, along with the main studio, which looks to be new, large, well-equipped and in excellent condition.

Classes include Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Spinning, TRX, BOSU, Bootcamp and cardio-oriented classes, totalling around 64 per week.

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Weights and Functional Equipment

Both dumbbells and barbells go up to 100lbs, with plenty of dumbbells in the lightweight range as well. There is a dedicated fully-matted floor area with BOSUs and Swiss Balls and a long functional training area with plyoboxes, TRXs, kettlebells, a range of medicine balls and resistance bands. The gym toy box consists of foam rollers, (abs) rollers, blocks, boxing gloves and pads to name a few. There is a boxing bag in the main gym area. You’ll also find several squat racks and a Smith machine – load as much as you like.

I also spotted a Jacob’s Ladder – first seen on my travels in Canada in August. This excellent piece of functional equipment serves as a great warm-up or cardio workout, doing wonders for legs!

Summary of Crunch San Francisco

Crunch San Francisco’s main gym area is excellent, although very busy at 1600 on a Friday afternoon. However, turn up again at 700 on Saturday morning and it’s another story – I pretty much had the whole gym to myself.

Towels are provided both for sweat mopping and showering. Bring your own padlock for the locker – and make sure it’s a thick one, somehow the lockers can still be opened with thin padlocks on them!

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Crunch San Francisco – New Montgomery

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