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Thai Son Gym and Fitness, Can Tho

Thai Son Gym Fitness Can Tho

Thai Son Gym and Fitness, Can Tho

54 Hùng Vương, An Hội, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ
Opening Hours: 5:00 – 20:30
Cost: 30k per day, 350k per month.
There are more expensive packages available which include classes but you might need to understand some Vietnamese to suss them out! (See images)



The gym is located in the centre of Can Tho, just north of the bridge over the river. Note, it is NOT at the current location stated on Google maps by the lake; I went there and the staff at the (now) coffee shop in its place kindly told me it had relocated and gave me the address, which was correct. It’s a fair trek from there though!


Thai Son Gym is far bigger than you might imagine from standing at its entrance. The building goes back way further than I had imagined it might and as such, is a sizeable facility (medium – large) – nearly as big as Phong Tap Gym which I attended yesterday, despite the different layout. The room is dark and dungeon like, but the facilities are actually pretty good – colourful machinery and fairly modern!
The cardio machinery is at the front of the building, followed by resistance equipment. Then the freeweights follow, with further resistance equipment and the functional training area at the back. Despite the dim lighting, I managed to spot a swimming pool at the back too! It was pretty big as well – I’d guess 15 – 20m!

TRX Training

TRX Training – The All-Round Body Workout!


The weights section is fairly extensive and all in good working order. What struck me most is how many duplicate sets of weights and machinery this gym had compared to most – excellent for busy periods. You’ll find 2 full sets of barbells from 10kg – 30kg, including both straight and curled bars. There are also dumbbells up to 40kg. You’ll find a squat rack and a Smith machine, as well as a number of bench press racks with benches at different angles.
You’ll also find several inclined abs benches and hip extension benches.


There are a large number of treadmills at the front of the building, along with 4 Spinning bikes. You’ll also see some “superfit massage” (vibration training) machines. There are also a couple of crosstrainers at the back of the gym in the functional training area.

Functional Training

Thai Son Gym has a substantial functional training area with a good amount of floorspace. The fact that it’s at the back of the gym in a fairly private area is a bonus if you like some privacy during your floor work session!


This is what I have grasped from the Vietnamese signs, punctuated with English words. The club offers Muay Thai boxing classes, yoga, dance and…”jumping”! Let me know what it is if you find out!


Excellent gym with good quality machinery and a bargain at 30k dong! Whilst this is very cheap, Phong Tap Gym is remarkably only half this price, well lit and possibly a bit bigger. The locations are different though, so if the price difference isn’t a huge issue I’d pick the nearest, especially if you’re here in rainy season and it’s bucketing down like it was for me today.

Want a cheaper gym?

Believe it or not, this 30k dong gym is actually the most expensive one I used in Can Tho! Both Phong Tap Gym and Vu Lam Gym are half the price or less! Backpacker heaven!

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Thai Son Gym and Fitness, Can Tho

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