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Pro Gym Mataram

Pro Gym Mataram

Pro Gym Mataram

Pagesangan Timur, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara 83127


Opening Hours: 7:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week
Cost: 50k per day or 300k per month or 800k for 3 months.


Pro Gym Mataram is located in the city centre, only 500m north of the Regional General hospital, Kota Mataram. (That could come in handy, but hopefully not!) Finding it is a bit confusing. Although it is correctly located on Google maps, you actually have to enter through Kura Kura Entertainment. The turtle statues outside are utterly unmissable, however distracted you might be today.

Enter and go around to the right and you’ll see signs for the gym. You’ll have to go up a flight of steps and through a door to access reception. They didn’t speak English although the friendly manager did. Prices are clearly listed in any case and unless you’re not familiar with gyms (what brought you to my site then, do drop me a line!), you’ll know what to do next!

See here your route. You’ll find the steps after the second picture:


At a glance, Pro Gym Lombok certainly has the wow factor, especially if you’ve been in any of the more local gyms here. As the second gym in Mataram that I went to, it was worlds away from Hawa Gym! It’s spacious, the decor and equipment all look brand new and it’s very stylish. When I went, only a couple of aircon machines were switched on (you’ll see quite a few) so although it felt cool compared to outside, it was a little hot and sweaty by gym standards.

The gym is spread over two floors, with the cardio a floor above everything else. There is a sign to it, but I missed it initially as you actually have to exit the gym and go up some stairs over a children’s adventure playground to get to it. The playground actually looked like a lot of fun!

The three entrance-level rooms all cater for weight trainers – there’s no significant functional training equipment to speak of.

You will however find free water stations and I even saw a plate of fruit by one! I believe it was a free for all but wasn’t 100% sure so I kept my hands off just in case it was someone’s afternoon snack.

Women’s changing rooms are to the left as you enter, men’s are to the right. I also saw saunas though I’m not sure what the sauna etiquette is here.

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The room you arrive in the centre of the three weights gym areas and contains loadable resistance machines. These include a wide chest press, regular chest press, low row, seated abs curl and a standing squat. You’ll also find two squat racks here.

This expands into the room to your right, which contains all the cable equipment. I was pleased to see duplicates here of popular machines. For example I found two cable crossovers, three lat pulldowns and two tricep pulldowns. You’ll also find a row (cable) station, along with an actual cardio rowing machine!

There’s also some pin operated resistance machines at Pro Gym Mataram, such as a shoulder press, row, pec and delts machine. If you want to do ab work, check out the inclined abs bench and hanging leg raise.

The third room contains further resistance machines and your bench stations. In addition to bench presses, you’ll find a leg extension, leg curl, rotary hip and lat pulldown.

You’ll also find a preacher curl station and a hip extension bench here.

Free Weights

Now, you might have noticed I haven’t mentioned free weights yet. Yep, I was wondering about those too. For a gym this size, you’d think I might have spotted them earlier. In actual fact, they don’t seem to have much of a home in the gym, with most scattered around the floor in various spots. You’ll find a small rack of dumbbell free weights in the third room (left of entrance). It was hard to tell what they went up to as they were the ones composed of discs. They were all very new-looking though and I’d guess went up to around 25 or 30kg.

You’ll see adjustable barbells too and some thick mats, neither of which had any obvious home either, but were dotted around the gym. It made the gym seem a little untidy and disorganized, although with this amount of space, it was far from being disruptive or ruining its overall aesthetic appeal.

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Head on upstairs through the gym area to the right of the entrance of Pro Gym Mataram, and you’ll find two separate cardio rooms, neither of which are especially well air-conditioned. The front room is however right by open windows and therefore well ventilated.

This room contains five treadmills, a stepper, a crosstrainer and two upright bikes.

The larger (back) room contains six treadmills, two ellipticals and an upright bike. It overlooks the children’s adventure playground, which looked pretty exciting and I was tempted to climb in myself.

You’ll also find a rowing machine inside the weights gym, near the men’s changing rooms.

Functional Training

Surprisingly I didn’t find any of the usual gym toys here. Apart from a few mats there wasn’t much to speak of here for functional equipment. I didn’t find a dedicated floor-space area either, although all the weights areas are extremely spacious so you’d have no problem creating space for your own workout.

Summary of Pro Gym Mataram

Pro Gym Lombok was certainly the largest gym in Mataram I found and Lombok overall, come to that! I found it extremely modern and attractive. When I first arrived I thought I’d love this place and it certainly has a good atmosphere. However the lack of functional equipment lets it down a little, along with the lack of clarity of the dumbbell weights and general lack of organization of the free weights area. But the duplication of popular equipment like the cable crossovers and lat pulldowns was very welcome and a big plus point, especially since I arrived at 17:00 on a weekday and the gym was getting quite busy.

The location and affordable rate was also a big plus point here – I’d go again.

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Pro Gym Mataram

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