LA Fitness Buffalo, Delaware Ave

LA Fitness Buffalo Delaware

LA Fitness Buffalo, Delaware Ave

69 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202
(not to be confused with LA Fitness on Elmwood Ave, much further out of town)

Opening times: Mon – Fri: 600-2000, Sat: 800-1600, Sun: 800-1400

Cost: a free pass on the website below, or $15 a session was advertised in the club.

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Location and Entry

Before I’d got too far into my gym research in Buffalo, I was tipped off by my hostel that LA Fitness Buffalo do free passes. Thank you Hostel Buffalo! (It’s excellent generally, if anyone is thinking of staying there. It has a very homely feel and both staff and guests were very friendly.)

LA Fitness Buffalo is centrally located just four or five blocks West of the Greyhound bus station. It’s also within ten minutes walk of Hostel Buffalo in the centre. I registered and without ado was allowed in. You just need photo ID as requested in their confirmation email. They asked me if I just wanted to get on with my workout or wanted a tour. Since I wasn’t in a rush, I said a brief tour would be good, aware I might soon become the victim of a sales pitch. He didn’t look too annoyed when I explained I was travelling though and told me there are 800 LA Fitness clubs across the US. Great, is that another 799 free passes then?!

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America isn’t known for doing things by halves and I was excited to learn that LA Fitness Buffalo’s fitness facilities are located over five floors. Gulp. The bottom of which has a swimming pool, which appeared to be the standard 25m long with lane divisions. On the Saturday lunchtime I attended, it was nearly empty although a lifeguard was present. After spotting me peering through the glass door, he gestured for me to use another entrance. Not today, thank you. The next floor (which I’ll call the second floor, in line with US floor numbering) hosts the changing rooms. This was very spacious with several showers (in the women’s at least!), each with a small private changing area opposite behind a curtain, as well as general space by the lockers. It was all very clean too.

Business starts on the third floor, where all the cardio equipment is located in one huge room, with numerous treadmills, crosstrainers, ellipticals, steppers and various other pieces of equipment I don’t usually use which looked rather similar to ellipticals.

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Summary of LA Fitness Buffalo

All floors were a comfortable temperature with efficient cooling, although the ‘Playground’ was still a little warm. Perhaps due to having direct sunlight coming in through the window when I trained. The club seemed fairly quiet when I trained on a Saturday afternoon, but if the gym had been anything resembling a normal size, the number of people probably would have made it seem fairly busy!

I definitely recommend working out here – this Buffalo gym is awesome!

Bring ID and a padlock for the lockers and make sure the locker subsequently locks. Mine didn’t at first, although it’s the first time I’ve used this particular style of locker.

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LA Fitness Buffalo, Delaware Ave

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