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Koh Tao Gym and Fitness

Koh Tao Gym and Fitness

Unnamed street, north of centre, in Koh Tao.


Opening Times: Mon – Fri: 7:30 – 22:00, Sat – Sun: 8:00 – 21:00

Cost: 200 baht per day, 800 for 5 days (valid over 1 month), or 1000 per week.
See website for further cost options.

Location and Entry

Koh Tao Gym and Fitness is a medium to large gym, located to the north of the centre of Koh Tao. It’s around 20 minutes walk from the central beach on the middle of the West coast. If you’re going there straight from the pier (I know how keen you are!) it’s more like half an hour. You may well see signs to it around Koh Tao prior to going – they’ve done their best to advertise themselves around the island!

If you’re on foot, it’s an uphill walk from town for the final stretch so you’ll be well-warmed up. Despite being located on an unnamed road, the gym is very easy to find on Google maps and clearly signposted outside. The gym in on your right and the entrance is located to the left of the building as you face it from the road.

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This attractive modern gym is set over two floors, both of which are well-airconditioned. There are also numerous fans and the temperature was very comfortable. Slightly oddly, you’ll need to exit the way you came in and go up a flight of steps to access the second floor.

Upon entry, you’ll be given a good quality free towel to use for your workout and a small bottle of water (550ml) with the option to upgrade it to a bigger one for a small cost. Lockers are available and if you don’t have a padlock, you can borrow a key for 100 baht refundable deposit.

The ground floor consists of free weights and resistance machines, whilst upstairs hosts the cardio machines and an attractive spacious functional training area.


Here on the ground floor you’ll find free weights in both kilograms and pounds, and a handy conversion chart on the wall! Dumbbells go up to 100lbs, and although there are no fixed weight barbells, there are various bars around that you can adjust. Handily, there’s also a small bucket of clips for each end. You’ll also a see a squat rack and Smith machine here, along with a preacher curl station and a fair number of adjustable benches.

At the other end of this floor you’ll find cable crossovers, a lat pull down and a couple of sets of pull up bars. I also found an inclined abs bench and hip extension bench. In the middle you’ll find some resistance equipment. This includes a leg extension, leg press and leg curl, to name a few. The chin-up bars are high enough for most tall people and there are some handy little stools around if you need them.

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Exit the way you entered, go up one flight of steps and here’s the cardio room. (I did venture up more steps to see what’s around, but it appeared to be someone’s house, oops!)

Here I found five treadmills, two bikes, one rowing machine and two crosstrainers. Thankfully, these are also all in a well air-conditioned room.

Functional Training

In a separate area on this floor lies a large functional training area. This contains three punch bags, several sets of gloves and pads, skipping ropes, kettlebells up to 32kg, looped resistance bands, battle ropes, Swiss balls, TRXs, an abs roller and more medicine balls than you’ll know what to do with. There are also a set of rings, monkey bars, several step boards and lots of stools for accessing the monkey bars. The whole area is matted and you’ll also find some yoga mats here too. All in all, it’s an excellent area; spacious, clean and in very good condition.

You’ll need to take your shoes off before entering this area – which probably explains why it’s in such good condition!

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Summary of Koh Tao Gym and Fitness

Koh Tao Gym and Fitness is an excellent gym with the best facilities I found on the island. Ideal if the location suits you and cost is not an issue. For a one day pass, it is only marginally more expensive than the more centrally located Monsoon Gym and Fight Club. However, it works out as considerably more expensive than Monsoon Gym for longer stays.

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Check out Monsoon Gym and Flight Club.

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Koh Tao Gym and Fitness

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