Kata Gym Phuket

Kata Gym Phuket

Kata Gym Phuket

Off Thaina Road: 9/8 Moo 4, 83100 Phuket


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:30 – 21:00
Cost: 150 baht per day, 500 per week or 750 per two weeks.

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Kata Gym Phuket is well-located, literally bang in the centre of the accommodation and coincidentally, just across the road from mine. It’s easy to find and signposted – you’ll find it down a little street right by a big 7-11. That concludes the positive things to do say about this gym! Well ok, not quite – it’s fairly cheap.


As I approached Kata gym at around 830am one morning, I was slightly surprised to see someone walking down the small street towards me, doing lunges with a barbell. It was at least a good indicator I was going the right way. But why were they walking in the street? Answer: because there is no space in this gym for such exercises!

Kata Gym Phuket is small and without aircon, though it is completely open at the front so you’ll get plenty of fresh air here at least. I don’t believe towels or water are included, but when I saw the gym, I decided to go and train at Don’s Gym, a 15 minute walk away instead. (I’d already been to Smith’s Gym, which is another viable contender)

You’ll find a mixture of weights and cardio equipment here, along with a few gym toys which I’ll describe below.

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You’ll find a mix of free weights and resistance equipment here. I found dumbbells go up to 25kg. Additionally they’ve provided a preacher curl, bench press and cable crossovers for your upper body and a squat rack and Smith machine for your legs.

Resistance machines include a leg press, leg extension, chest press and lat pulldown.

Functional Training

You’ll find a handful of gym toys here, along with a large punchbag if you like hitting things! They’ve provided a little space at the back of the gym for floorwork, or do what the guy I saw was doing – use the street outside!

Equipment includes Swiss balls, an abs roller, hula hoop, step board and a cradle for your abs.


The cardio equipment here is thankfully all next to the street, so you can look out (not much to see down this little ‘soi’ though!) and get fresh air. It’s still going to be pretty hot though as there’s no cooling in this place! Still, you’ll have the choice of a range of cardio equipment here, such as two treadmills, one each of a Spin bike, upright bike and recumbent bike, and a crosstrainer.

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Summary of Kata Gym

The best thing about this Kata Gym is definitely its central location, and the fact that its daily rate is 50 baht cheaper than the other two gyms I found in Kata – by all means check it out. For me it was the least appealing of the three gyms, both visually and in terms of its temperature and equipment. If you’re staying in Kata a week though, bear in mind that its weekly rate is 500 baht, compared to 600 at Don’s Gym which is far superior, has aircon and is twice the size. I’d definitely pay the extra 100 for the week at Don’s!

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Kata Gym Phuket

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