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Holiday Fit Gili Air Centre 2

Holiday Fit Gili

Holiday Fit Gili Air Centre 2

Southeast Gili Air
Note, there don’t seem to be road names here so I’ll describe how to find it under Location!

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Opening Hours: 7:00 – 22:00 7 days a week

Cost: 50k per day, or 100k for 3 days (in a row), or 150k for a week


On the east coast, head south until you’re around 3-400m above the south east corner of the island. Take the road between Bel Air Resort and Spa and Manta Dive Resort Gili Air, ie head west. The road turns left and then right again, and then the gym is on the next corner. (The road splits here and you can either continue west to a dead end or go north.) It’s easy to spot if you’re looking for it – see cover image.


Er, not great if I’m honest! I’ll describe them fully, but if you’d rather save some time and disappointment, please go instead to this gym’s sister, Holiday Fit Gili Air Centre 1, which is much bigger, cooler (thermally and visually!) and has much more to do.

Holiday Fit Gili Air Centre 2 is a very small gym. When I attended, I could see aircon vents, but they were either not working, or not switched on, even though there were already two people working out. I saw a sign up saying that power-cuts were possible here, so that could have explained it. Either, way I sweated buckets in the 20 minutes I spent here, despite doing fairly little!

The only gym equipment you’ll find here is some weight training stuff and a couple of functional toys – no cardio machines and very little space.

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Like Holiday Fit Gili Air Centre 1, the dumbbells are composed of discs so you can’t easily see what they weigh. They appeared to go to a similar weight as Centre 1, although the rack was not complete. That said, I think the rack here was physically bigger (ie could it hold more dumbbells) so perhaps there were the same number.

You’ll also find a lat pulldown, tricep pull down, row, pec deck, and preacher curl station for your upper body. There’s a pretty old set of pull-up bars here. You’ll find a bench press rack too – all in all it’s got what you need to do a good upper body workout.

For your legs, you’ll see a combined leg extension and leg curl machine (looked old and uncomfortable) and an inclined leg press here.

Functional Training

I found a new toy here! Well, it’s more of an old toy which I wasn’t sure what to do with. At first glance I thought it was a pink frisbee, but it rotated if you stood on it – so basically rotary abs without any handles!

Rotary Abs? Or a Frisbee?

There’s also a skipping rope and an abs roller here. Best of all there are some good quality mats, although there’s not a huge amount of space for doing floor work and you’d probably fall asleep in here if you did lie down, given the temperature!


In a word, no. Wrong gym!

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The absolute best thing about this gym is the cold, wet, refrigerated towel that they gave me upon arrival. It was sheer bliss after walking in the heat, and if the gym is as hot and stuffy for you as it was for me, then it’ll be the highlight of your workout for the first ten minutes – if you last that long in the hot room. Perhaps I’m being harsh – maybe there was a power cut when I attended.

In any case, there is enough at Holiday Fit Gili Air Centre 2 that you could manage to get a good weights workout if you’re truly committed (the room is not especially inspiring), but I can’t comprehend why anyone would choose to come here if they knew about Centre 1. It’s 1.1km away / 14 mins walk (as advised by Google) and is at least three times the size. When I went it was much cooler too. Aesthetically it’s more appealing and modern. See full review here.

Gyms in the Gili Islands

Gili Tropica Gym was the best gym on the Gilis that I found, and I expect it is the best gym available on the Gili Islands. The other major gym on Gili Trawangan was closed for the forseeable future, having a revamp when I enquired. For the other gym on Gili Air, see:

Holiday Fit Gili Air Centre 1

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Holiday Fit Gili Air Centre 2

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