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Fitness First Khon Kaen (Central Plaza)

Fitness First Khon Kaen

Fitness First Khon Kaen (Central Plaza)

99, 99/1 4th Floor, Central Plaza Khon Kaen, Sri Chant Road, Naimuang, Muang, Chang Wat, Khon Kaen, Thailand


Class Timetable (select club as CentralPlaza Khon Kaen)

Opening times: Mon-Fri: 600 – 2200, Sat and Sun: 800-2100

Cost: 856 baht per day or sign up for a free trial here.

Location and Entry

Fitness First Khon Kaen is located on the 4th floor of Khon Kaen’s biggest shopping mall, Central Plaza.


The club is everything you’d expect of a Fitness First club, with excellent and consistent standards globally.

In addition to the usual areas for cardio, free weights and resistance machines, there is ample floor space including an astro-turf area, where you’ll find numerous gym toys, including TRXs, a range of medicine balls up to at least 9kg, wall balls, foam rollers, BOSUS, battle ropes, boxing gloves, pads and punch bag, core bags up to 44kgs, mini-hurdles, Swiss balls and numerous kettlebells up to 20kg. They also had some of the nicest mats I’ve seen for a while!

The only surprises I had here were that the club does not provide towels at all and also, there were no pull-up bars to be found, nor a squat rack. There is a cable crossover station on which you’d normally expect to find pull up bars in the centre, but there were surprisingly none. There was however an assisted pull ups station and a couple of lat pulldown machines, along with a TRX area; the bar that the TRXs hung from might suffice as a pull up bar, though it looked to be a little wide to be gripped.

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Bonus: there is not only free cold water, but also coffee, tea, green tea and hot water!


Free weights are mostly in pounds and both dumbbells and barbells go up to 110lbs. There is a full rack of each of straight and curled barbells along with several adjustable ones. There are a couple of Smith machines, numerous benches, including flat and inclined ones with racks.


There is a large amount of quality modern cardio equipment, from treadmills to bikes and cross trainers to steppers. Unlike many gyms in Thailand, there are also two rowing machines – a welcome sight for me as I hadn’t used one for a couple of months!


There is an attractive Spinning studio with an extensive timetable (see image) and a regular studio with a large range of Les Mills classes amongst others. These Include Body Jam, Body Step, Body Pump, Body Balance, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Core Abs, Freestyle Group Training (Power, Fusion and HIIT), Muay Fight Pro and “Obstacle” classes.

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At a very precise 856 baht per day, you’d be forgiven for wanting to look elsewhere, and around a 20 minute walk away (or a short tuk tuk ride) you will find a much cheaper gym with all the basics you’d need for a good workout at just a small fraction of the price.

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Fitness First Khon Kaen (Central Plaza)

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