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Zero Fitness Dance Studio

Zero Fitness Dance Studio

Zero Fitness Dance Studio

Gembira Parade, Lintang Delima 1, Taman Island Glades, 11600 Jelutong


Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:30 – 22:00 and Sat – Sun: 10:00 – 18:30

Cost: Two free workouts for first timers! Or RM 100 for 5 sessions (minimum term), or check out Classpass and get a month free!


Zero Fitness Dance Studio is located around 5km south of George Town, in an area called Jelutong. If you’re taking public transport as I am, then I discovered buses 11, 102, 206, 302 and 304 all go down that way and stop close to the gym. However, I ended up taking the 301 and walking 15 minutes from the stop because none of the above buses were showing any sign of turning up when I rocked up at Komtar Bus Station! I got there.

Entry was simple – it’s correctly located on Google. You simply need to go up the escalators one floor and the gym is straight in front of you. I was greeted by friendly staff, and more unusually, a computer screen. Roll out the red carpet for me then! 😀 Note that I registered for an “Open Gym Session” on Classpass to get this – you simply turn up during your allocated session and you have two hours to do your own thing.

Zero Fitness Personal Greeting!
A warm welcome!


Staff were quick to inform me that Zero Fitness was undergoing some renovations and apologised that things weren’t up to their usual standard. I saw signs of staff working on a room next to the gym, where some lockers were, so I probably wouldn’t judge the club on how things were today.

The gym is an open-plan room, all on one floor above reception. You’ll also find two studios – one near reception and one above it by the gym. Whilst the studios looked modern, attractive and in great condition, the gym was not as good as it had looked photos I’d seen. Much of the equipment was old, although overall the club was well looked after, and is clearly being invested in.

I found a reasonable amount of free weights, cardio equipment and resistance machines. The gym was a little warm, not helped by being two floors up. I saw plenty of overhead fans and wall fans, but only one air-conditioning unit (on floor). Unless you’re standing directly in front of it, it doesn’t seem to have a marked effect.

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Zero Fitness offers dumbbell free weights up to 30kg, all of which were tidily racked and labelled clearly. I didn’t see any barbells. Most of the resistance equipment was old, some had dodgy cables, with weights that were not clearly labelled on the machine. (Free weights were clear) In particular, the assisted pull-ups machine did not function well due to a faulty cable.

You’ll find pull-up bars for both over and underarm, cable crossover, an assisted pull ups machine and lat pulldown for the upper body. Additionally there’s a flat, inclined and declined bench press.

For your lower body, you’ll find a Smith machine, squat rack, inclined leg press and a hanging leg raise. I also used a combined leg extension/curl here.

For abs work I found standing abs torsion platforms and an adjustable bench.

Functional Training

Nope, wrong gym. At present anyway! As mentioned, they are building a new room, which I hope might cater for this. At present I couldn’t even find mats here, let alone gym toys. There are sufficient benches around the gym for doing some form of abs work though, and I found ample floor space for doing some burpees, or whatever else you fancy.

Bear in mind the floor is wooden though and the slats did move a little but not enough to concern me. Probably wouldn’t pass western health and safety though!

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This club has two large studios, both of which looked in great condition. The downstairs (bigger) one was particularly nice, partly due to having natural light.  You’ll find the showers just off this room too.

The first timetable I saw showed around 27 classes, mostly upbeat classes including Tabata, Toning, Zumba, Cardio Fitness, Core and Strength, Yogarobics and Diva Fitness.

I also saw a second timetable for the other studio, which focussed on Belly Dancing, Yoga, Pilates, Chinese Cultural Dance and classes for children.


Zero Fitness Dance Studio is a reasonable gym, with great potential – I’m curious what the current renovations will bring. If you’re based in George Town, then it’s probably not worth the effort of getting here as there are simply better gyms at better rates in George Town – with aircon. However if you are local, then it’s certainly a viable option for convenience. In any case, you can get two free workouts off the bat (as stated in the club) so check it out and good luck with the buses. 😉

Overall the gym equipment is a little dated, not to mention warm, but the studios looked a lot more appealing, so if you like classes, go check it out!

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Zero Fitness Dance Studio

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