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X-Men Fitness Gym, Hanoi

X-Men Fitness Gym

X-Men Fitness Gym Hanoi

91 Phùng Hưng, Hàng Bồ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi


Opening Hours: 6:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 50k per day / 200k per week / 300k for 2 weeks / 380k per month.


X-Men Fitness Gym is about 1km northwest of Ho Hoan Kiem Lake, in the old quarter of Hanoi. It is halfway between this lake and Ho Truc Bach lake. The gym is correctly positioned on Google Maps, though you’ll need to be looking out for the sign. You’ll see one saying “Phong Tap Gym – Yoga – Rumba” in big red letters. Head through the archway there and climb up three or four flights of stairs at the back until you’re on the top floor. You’ll see the gym there – head left first to pay and enter.


This medium sized gym is very popular with locals, and as the name suggests, somewhat male dominated! When I went at 16:00 on a weekday afternoon, the gym was busy and at least 80% of the people training were male. Female staff welcomed me though and there was a good atmosphere in the gym.

The facilities are pretty modern and attractive, although the downside is that it’s not very spacious. This isn’t helped by weights being left on the floor, giving it a cluttered feel, especially in busy periods.

The main gym is air-conditioned to a reasonable temperature (but don’t expect western gym temperatures!) and there are a good number of overhead fans. You’ll also see a smaller training area by reception which is not air-conditioned. The gym has an nice open-plan layout, making it simple to find whatever you want.

The whole floor is astro-turfed (well, it looks like astro-turf anyway!), although somewhat clumsily done, so be careful walking around.

Take your own water and a towel. There only seemed to be one toilet for men and women, though I noticed there were other facilities unrelated to the gym on other floors.

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You’ll see dumbbell free-weights racked in the centre of the room and the heaviest pair I found was 27.5kg. There’s also a full rack of adjustable barbells, both straight and curled from 10-30kg, in 5kg increments. You’ll see a few adjustable ones around too.

As usual in Vietnamese gyms, there are a LOT (about 6) bench press stations. You’ll also find cable crossovers and some pull-up bars too.

You’ll see two disc-loadable resistance machines, namely a chest press and shoulder press. I also saw a Smith machine, although no regular squat rack.

You’ll find a pretty good range of regular resistance equipment, including a lat pulldown, pec deck, leg extension, leg curl, seated abs, rotary torso, calf raises, hip extension and shoulder press.

There’s also a hip extension and inclined abs bench here.

Alternative Training Area

The un-airconditioned area by reception consists of three more bench presses, an inclined leg press, preacher curl station and a row. It’s pretty hot though if you’re here in summer and the main gym is a much more comfortable temperature.


Cardio equipment consists of five treadmills, three Spin bikes and two vibrating machines. These all looked modern and in good condition. I used the Spin bike which was comfortable and the seat easily adjusted up to my height (5’10” / 178cm), unlike some in Vietnam!

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Functional Training

Well, I found a yoga mat in the corner of the room if that’ll do for you?!

Unfortunately there is little to no space to do much in the main gym area, nor is there any real functional equipment to speak of. There’s a little more space in the area by reception if you wanted to knock out some burpees for example, but nothing very substantial.


X-Men Fitness Gym has a large and attractive studio though, although I couldn’t see a timetable detailing any classes. Going on the sign outside the club though, I’d say Yoga and Rumba will feature! Unless of course they meant Zumba – quite a difference!


A great club for the price, and has good quality modern equipment; a bargain considering it was pretty well-airconditioned. X-Men Fitness Gym is also very well located if you’re staying in the old quarter too. I’d go back but I’d definitely train earlier in the day when it would hopefully be quieter. It was getting uncomfortably busy at 16:00 due to the gym’s size.

If you want a more spacious club nearby with a good functional training area, check out AK Fitness and Yoga which is the same price – you’ll be trading in the aircon though. Alternatively treat yourself to the pricier TopGym Fitness & Yoga for a spacious, modern and well-airconditioned gym.

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X-Men Fitness Gym, Hanoi

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