Want a Gym in Cat Ba?

Gym in Cat Ba

Want a Gym in Cat Ba?

Finding a gym in Cat Ba certainly took some searching. Initially it looked like there weren’t any, and I’d resigned myself to biking around the island daily to keep fit. But GGB doesn’t give up that easily. After arriving and asking around, I was told there is a hotel gym which is open to the public – yay! Then, after checking out every floor of the wrong hotel, I discovered I was in the wrong building entirely and located the correct one. Oops. So if you want a gym in Cat Ba, here it is:

Thanh Cong Hotel, Cat Ba

39 Nui Ngoc, Đảo Cát Bà


Opening Times: 5:00 – 9:00 and 16:00 – 20:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 30k a go.

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Thang Cong Hotel is located in the centre of Cat Ba town. You’ll find it easily up a flight of steps above a restaurant. Don’t do what I did and go into Thanh Cong 2, a completely different hotel nearby. I’d been directed there by staff at my hotel when I asked about a gym. No-one was on reception so I’d tried every floor of the building before concluding I must be in the wrong place. Spotting Thang Cong Hotel after leaving, I decided she must have meant there. Bingo, I was right!

The hotel is huge and staff told me the gym is on floor 10. Take the lift up to floor 9 and walk the final floor. I did so to discover it was empty (cool!) but locked (not so cool) at 7:30. Going back down, I asked staff to unlock it, and they seemed a little disorganised and struggled to find the keys, but 15 minutes after arriving, I was in.

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Typical of most hotel gyms, it’s not huge and has limited equipment. However it’s modern, attractive and has enough to do a reasonable workout if you’re not too particular. Take your own water and towel.

The overhead fans were satisfactory at cooling the room whilst I was there. There is aircon, although the remotes are in Chinese so I didn’t attempt to use them! It also looks like you can play your own music if you take your own lead for your MP3 player.


You’ll find dumbbell freeweights up to 15kg and one adjustable barbell. These are in addition to 3 bench press stations – flat, inclined and declined.

Resistance equipment is limited to a lat pulldown and a pec deck.
You’ll also see an abs bench, torso rotation equipment and an abs roller.

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Thang Cong Hotel Gym contains two treadmills and two Spin bikes, along with a vibrating machine.

Functional Training

You’ll find a decent yoga mat here and plenty of floor space around the gym to do as you wish.


If you’re after a gym in Cat Ba, I recommend coming here. It’s very cheap at 30k and frankly, it’s the only option I found. It does the basics well and it’s clean and attractive with a good view of the city. I suggest you train during the morning session, and note the gym shuts at 9:00 all day until 16:00. When I looked in at around 17:30, it was packed out and not ideal, whereas at 7:30am I had it to myself.


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Want a Gym in Cat Ba?

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