Ubud Gym

Ubud Gym

Ubud Gym

Jl Raya Ubud, Ubud

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Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:00 – 20:00, Sun: 8:00 – 22:00

Cost: 20k per go!

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Perfect – it’s the closest gym I found to the centre of Ubud, around 900m east of the main intersection. It’s correctly located on Google maps and has a huge sign outside – several in fact. I entered to be told the price is a welcoming 20k per visit. Yep just one of my hard-earnt English pounds. So far, things couldn’t be going any better. 🙂 Head on downstairs and you’ll find yourself in the gym…


Well, if the low price hadn’t prepared you for the quality of facilities here, I will. Keep your expectations low – Ubud Gym is not exactly Fitness First. Think dog-chewed carpets, dirty dusty floors and a building that may never have seen a lick of paint and you’re getting the picture. The equipment was not manufactured in the current millennium and it may even have been a couple of decades prior to the turn of it.

There’s no water, no towel, no fans and no aircon. But perhaps worst of all, no sink to wash your hands (though there is a toilet).

That aside and contrary to how it looks, most of the equipment works pretty well!

Bear in mind this gym is weights only, no cardio.

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All of the equipment here is old and tatty, but of course, a dumbbell is a dumbbell regardless, and you can get a decent workout here.

You’ll find cable crossovers and a Smith machine. Guess which of these the pull up bars are attached to? Wrong, it’s the Smith machine.

You’ll also find two lat pull downs, a tricep pulldown and a preacher curl station, along both with a flat and inclined bench press.

For your legs, you’ll find a leg extension, leg curl, inclined leg press and hanging leg raise.

Other equipment includes a pec dec and declined abs bench. Although I didn’t see a squat rack, you can use one of the bench press racks.

The dumbbells here are hard work, not so much in lifting but finding. There was only one lone set on the rack and the rest were messily left around the gym floor. The weight of each dumbbell was not immediately obvious but each disc showed a value on the end, so you can kind of work it out from that. (As ever, the weight of the bar connecting the discs is a mystery though!) I’m guessing what they go up to, probably 25kg, but I’m not convinced there’s a full set.

I found an adjustable curled barbell and used this and one of the adjustable straight bars from the bench press racks to avoid the dumbbell dilemmas.

Functional Equipment

There are a couple of mats lying around the place and they are actually in reasonable condition, although old. Whilst there is no dedicated floor space as such, the gym is spacious enough to do floor-work wherever you fancy. You’ll see an abs roller around on the floor too.

Also, you’ll find a huge studio behind the gym, though I have no idea what it’s used for!

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Ubud Gym is a back to basics gym, not really geared towards tourists, most of whom would expect higher standards! That said, if you’re simply looking for a good weights workout, this place probably has all you need, although the dumbbells don’t go up particularly high. Despite the lack of aircon or fans, it was an ok temperature when I went on a weekday afternoon. The fact that it’s quite spacious makes the messy floor easy to not be bothered by. It’s actually a bit of a bargain for 20k.

Take toilet paper and hand sanitizer if you’re fussed about hygiene!

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Ubud Gym

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