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Ubud Fitness Center

Ubud Fitness Center

Ubud Fitness Center

Jl. Jero Gadung No.94, Ubud, 80571


Opening Hours: 6:30 – 20:30, seven days a week

Cost: IDR 90k per day, or 300k per week, or 425k for 2 weeks.

Better rates apply for longer term memberships.


Ubud Fitness Center is located close to the centre, around 1.4km northeast of the market, a brisk 15 minute warm up walk away. It’s easy to spot near the end of the street on the right hand side.


In a word, awesome! As soon as I walked in and the aircon hit me, I knew I’d like this place. My most recent gyms have a been a bit on the basic side and I have to admit I have been craving a workout in the comfort of a cool room. I could see as soon as I walked into the building that I was going to like this place – nice decor, free water and aircon that worked. Staff immediately gave me a towel upon entry too. I didn’t even need to see the gym to know I was going to have a good workout here!

The gym is split over two floors, with weights and functional equipment on one floor and cardio on the floor below. Head outside from the cardio room and down some stairs and you’ll see the studio where a few classes take place too!

There’s also an inviting cafe at the back of the main (weights) gym. The changing room area was also clean, tastefully decorated and aesthetically appealing.

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The weights equipment is all well arranged in one room. The weights are tidily stacked and the gym is spacious and well looked after. Most equipment is reasonably modern and all was in good condition.

You’ll find dumbbells up to 30kg, and for the first time I’ve seen in a while, they are clearly labelled and stacked on the rack. There’s also a lightweight rack with a full set of dumbbells from 1-10kg.

You’ll see a cable crossover station, assisted pull-ups bars, two lat pull downs and at least a couple of pull-up bar stations here, so you’re all set for a good lats workout.

Other upper body equipment includes two preacher curl stations, flat and declined bench press racks.

For your lower body, you’ll find a squat station, Smith machine and an inclined leg press.

You’ll also find a fair amount of resistance machines for the lower and upper body. These include a pec dec, pec/flies machine, two shoulder presses and a row. The lower body machines consist of a leg curl, leg extension and multi hip machine.

You’ll also find a hip extension bench and a flat and inclined abs bench. There’s also rotary torso equipment.

Functional Equipment

Ubud Fitness Center has a corner dedicated to functional training – yay! This area of the room also has several very nice looking regular mats and yoga mats, along with shelves of gym toys. You’ll find floor space here and as the gym is generally spacious, you can walk those lunges if you fancy it!

Gym toys include Swiss balls, BOSUs, foam rollers, resistance tubes and skipping ropes.

You’ll also find some lightweight dumbbells, a few kettlebells and some press-up bars. There’s an abs roller and a step board around too.

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As I entered the cardio room, I noticed that it’s even more refreshingly cool than the weights room, which was itself a comfy temperature. Bliss. You’ll find four treadmills, two ellipticals, two upright bikes and a rower in here, along with some nice mats. I also saw something I haven’t seen in a gym for a long time – an inversion machine!

You’ll also see a stray treadmill upstairs in the weights room for some reason. It overlooks the cafe there so you can think about the best way to refuel afterwards as you push through!


As I cycled away in the cardio room, enjoying the climate control, I became aware of music that was not coming from my iPod. Sure enough a class was going on downstairs. I went down to see ten people having great fun boogying around to a high energy track – wish I’d joined them now!

The club currently hosts around eleven classes a week, including four Zumba and two Aerobics classes. Other classes include Body Language, TRX and Belly Dancing!


I really loved this gym and there is a lot to be said for aircon when you’re training in a tropical climate. I’m used to making do without it, but really, the whole workout is just a lot more comfortable and enjoyable with it and I find it makes a huge difference to my motivation levels. If it’s within your budget, I’d say Ubud Fitness is well worth your money. I haven’t yet found any other gyms here that offer aircon, though the hunt continues…

All in all, there’s a good range of weights, cardio and functional equipment, so whatever kind of workout you’re after this gym will cater well for most. Happy training!

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Ubud Fitness Center

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