Tuan Toan Fitness & Yoga, Hoi An

Tuan Toan Fitness

Tuan Toan Fitness & Yoga, Hoi An

01 Ngô Sĩ Liên, Tân An, Thành phố Hội An, Quảng Nam, Hoi An


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00 – 11:00 and 14:00 – 20:00, Sun: 6:00 – 10:00

Cost: 50k per day or 300k per month

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Toan Tuan Fitness and Yoga is located around 15-20 minutes walk north of the centre of Hoi An. Its location is correct on Google maps and it’s easily visible from outside, a little set back from the road. Go down the steps to enter the building.


This large gym is broadly divided into one big room with cardio and resistance equipment, with a second room at the back containing a functional training area and free weights. Additionally there is a sizeable studio. The club is well-equipped with fans throughout, although there is no air-conditioning.


The weights area is split between the resistance equipment which you can find in the main room, and the free weights, which are with the functional training equipment.

You’ll find a generous range of both disc-loadable and pin-operated resistance equipment for both upper and lower body. The equipment is all fairly modern, well-laid out and in good condition.

Disc-loadable equipment includes a shoulder press, chest press, rear-kick and squat machine. There are also a number of adjustable barbells.

There’s no shortage of bench press stations in Vietnamese gyms and Toan Tuan Fitness is no exception. You’ll find a whole row of them with adjustable benches. You’ll also see a couple of lat pulldowns, hip extension benches and inclined abs benches. I also saw (and used) a 2 in 1 squat and Smith machine.

In the other room, you’ll find dumbbell freeweights up to 40kg and several benches for weight training. These are laid out over a fully matted floor, next to the functional training equipment.

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Functional Training

Tuan Toan Fitness has an excellent functional training area with a generous amount of floor space around it. There’s a large rig with lightweight medicine balls up to 10lbs, TRXs and kettlebells up to 30lbs. You’ll also find battleropes, an abs roller, a boxing bag, gloves, a skipping rope and some yoga mats. All in all, it’s a great well-equipped, modern area, located in a separate part of the gym with the free weights.


The club has a reasonable range of modern cardio equipment and fans in operation around it. You’ll see ten treadmills, three ellipticals and five Spin bikes. In the back room you’ll find a number of vibration machines, along with machines with “exercise belts”. I have to admit I had to look these up to see what they are; whilst common in Vietnamese gyms, they don’t have such a good rep in Western society. Personally, I think exertion is the way forwards for burning calories, not vibrating – see what you think!


Toan Tuan Fitness is an excellent gym and I especially liked the fact that there are many duplicates of popular equipment here. The large functional training area is also a huge asset. For me the only thing missing was aircon, in a country with tropical heat. However, for 50k, the gym is a bargain for the price, and I’ve no doubt this would be hiked up considerably if aircon was installed; it seems only elite clubs in Vietnam install it and prices are many times higher.

All in all a great budget gym and I’d happily return.

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Tuan Toan Fitness & Yoga, Hoi An

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