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The Gym Krabi Fitness & Cafe

The Gym Krabi

The Gym Krabi Fitness & Cafe

55/9 Hutangkoun, Pak Nam, Krabi 81000


Opening Hours: 8:30 – 21:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 250 baht a go or 1300 baht per month.


The Gym Krabi Fitness and Cafe is located just over 1km north of the town centre. It’s easy to find as it’s correctly located on Google maps and with a clear sign outside. Handily, it’s very close to Tesco Metro too – the biggest supermarket I’ve found in Krabi town. Definitely worth the short trek – a workout plus an inexpensive way to stock up on essentials at good old Tesco!


The Gym Krabi is awesome. That was my first thought as I walked in anyway! You’ll enter through a beautiful coffee shop, and the friendly lady there seemed to be running both the coffee place and the gym. Both looked very new and super-modern, though she told me it’s been there two years. You can enjoy aircon and clean, modern facilities in both. I can see where I’ll be spending my days here!

This medium-sized gym is extremely well-equipped with functional training equipment and a large amount of floor space. You’ll also find a good selection of weights and cardio equipment. Every single thing in this gym looks brand new, it was a pleasure to use such a modern gym.

I saw two large aircon machines overhead, which seemed to be doing a good job. The gym initially felt a little warmer than I’d have liked, but seemed to get cooler as my workout continued.

I found two toilets and one shower in the ladies’ bathroom alone, all of which were in exemplary condition. I thought I was in a five star hotel briefly, not that I’m too familiar with them!

The friendly staff gave me a towel upon entry, but take your own water – I don’t think this was free but I’m sure you could buy it in the coffee shop.

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Given the size of the gym and the fact that much of it is dedicated to floor space and functional work, they’ve made good use of the remaining space. Whilst the weights section is not huge, it doesn’t need to be and they’ve made good choices of equipment in my opinion.

You’ll find dumbbell free weights up to 30kg, including a lightweight rack with every weight from 1 – 10kg. You’ll also find a couple of adjustable barbells with the functional toys.

For your legs you’ll find both a squat rack and Smith machine, whereas for your upper body there’s a flat bench press rack and a preacher curl station.

You’ll also see a set of narrow cable crossovers along with pull-up bars and separately, a set of assisted pull up bars – my personal favourite!

I also found around seven pieces of pin-operated resistance equipment. These were a shoulder press, chest press, pec fly, lat pulldown, leg extension, leg press and leg curl.

In addition to several weights benches, you’ll find a hip extension and an inclined abs bench.


The Gym Krabi Fitness and Cafe has an excellent range of cardio machines, between 1 – 3 of each type.

I found three treadmills, two Spin bikes and one each of a crosstrainer, lateral trainer, recumbent bike, upright bike and rower.

Additionally I found something which looked like a cross between a crosstrainer and a recumbent bike! You sit on a seat, like a bike, but the pedals resembled a crosstrainer’s large platforms, more closely than a bike’s pedals.

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Functional Training

The Gym Krabi really excels itself in functional equipment. You’ll find a huge area dedicated to gym toys, and a vast amount of floor space in which you can do your own thing.

Gyms toys I found included two TRXs, some ViPRs, battle ropes, a hula hoop and some resistance tubes and loops. There are also a few step-boards, power bags up to 15kg, kettle bells up to 20kg, some GRIPRs and some power balls.

You’ll also see an abs roller, Swiss balls, two BOSUs, a plyobox and medicine balls up to around 33lbs. (You’ll notice here that a few gym toys are weighted in pounds, whereas most have gone metric.)

For boxers, I found a heavy standing punchbag and a few sets of gloves and pads.


The Gym Krabi Fitness and Cafe isn’t the cheapest gym in Krabi, but it is the nicest I’ve seen so far. Having aircon is a real treat and for me, can make a huge difference to how much effort I put into my training. Although it was probably a little warmer than ideal when I trained mid-morning, it’s still a huge improvement on anywhere I’ve trained without aircon in tropical heat.

Whilst the gym has everything most people would need in terms of weights and cardio equipment, where the gym really excels is in its functional training equipment and floor space.

Even though the daily rate isn’t cheap, the monthly rate is pretty good, and worth spending if you’ll be going more than five times. Really enjoyed my workouts here!

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The Gym Krabi Fitness & Cafe

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