Step, Aerobics and Fitness Holidays, anyone?

Step Aerobics and Fitness Holidays

Step, Aerobics and Fitness Holidays

Before I gave up the day jobs and took off “gallivanting” (as my parents like to put it) around the world in February 2017, pursuing fitness in other countries was already something I’d dabbled in.

As an annual participant of the IFS Blackpool, I discovered whilst there the notion of step, aerobics and fitness holidays. As a self-confessed class junkie, I couldn’t get enough of choreographed step and aerobics classes. So, learning that I could travel to the Canary Islands and undertake a week long “holiday” of classes was literally music to my ears!

International Aerobics Weeks (IAW)

Whilst a week of full-on exercise might be the last thing most people want to do on vacation, to me it sounded like the holiday of a lifetime! Step, Aerobics, Dance, Kara-T-robics, Toning and Stretch/Relaxation classes are just some of the options. Best of all, classes would run throughout the morning, break for a few hours and then restart late afternoon – every day!

They are all taught by fun and experienced international presenters from around the world. They additionally organise evening entertainment, if you’re still awake after all the exercise!

You can do as few or as many classes as you want and chill out by the pool / beach / bar the rest of the time. They cater for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced participants, and often have many people attending on their own as it is so easy to meet new friends. I went on my own on most occasions!

IAW are still running these holidays over ten years later at different locations. I highly recommend them, not only for the fitness side but the social side – I’ve had some of the most fun weeks of my life on holidays like this! Click for more details on International Aerobics Weeks or email [email protected]

Another excellent alternative with a similar structure is with Patricio Travel, if you fancy a trip to Turkey. The hotel is a stunning all inclusive resort – ideal after a day of fitness! Although the website is in German, you can contact them in English if you prefer, at [email protected]

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Step, Aerobics and Fitness Holidays, anyone?

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