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Spring Into Fitness, Fremantle Oval, WA

Spring Into Fitness

Spring Into Fitness, Fremantle Oval, WA

Parry St, Fremantle, WA 6160



Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 5:30 – 18:30, Fri: 5:30 – 18:00, Sat: 6:00 – 11:00 (closed Sun)

Cost: $13 a go, or $20 per week, or $80 per month.



Spring Into Fitness is the name of the gym at Fremantle Oval, a football stadium in the centre of Freo. It’s located close to the prison, where I stayed. (Yes, really, the old prison has been converted into accommodation and I slept in an old cell!)

The gym is correctly located on Google maps, which is just as well or I’d still be wandering around the football grounds looking for it. Enter the main grounds and turn immediately right. You’ll walk down a corridor which looks like it doesn’t lead anywhere, but in fact it leads to the gym! I couldn’t see any signs up above the door, but just walk until you see an open door on your right and that’ll probably be it.


I was greeted by one of the friendly staff and boxing class teachers and felt very welcomed into this community gym. Spring Into Fitness is divided into two main rooms – the boxing gym where all the classes also take place and the weights gym. The boxing gym is a bigger room and you’ll find plenty of mainstream equipment here too, along with a kitchen sink! This gyms are well equipped with cardio and functional training equipment in addition to a boxing ring and general boxing stuff. There’s plenty of floorspace here too.

The smaller gym has the majority of the free weights as well as some cardio equipment.

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You’ll find dumbbell freeweights up to 30kg and straight and curled barbells up to 35kg in the weights gym. This area also has pull up bars along with a set of narrow cables.

You’ll also find a couple of benches presses in here, along with a lat pull down. There’s a resistance machine here too, namely a pin-operated row.

Head on into the boxing gym for further weights….

Here you’ll find a squat station with pull up bars, a leg curl and leg press. There’s a hip extension bench too so you can really work the lower body.

You’ll also find further barbells which seemed to make up the full set from the other room, along with a full set of lightweight dumbbells up to 12.5kg.

Functional Training

Like most boxing gyms, there’s a heavy focus here on functional work. I found Swiss balls, BOSUs, ankle wobble-boards and stepboards.

There was also a great variety of resistance bands, with loops, tubes and linear bands all featuring.

You’ll also find battle-ropes, some medicine balls and foam rollers.

Best of all there are some good quality mats and plenty of floorspace in which to use them. Check out the class timetable so you know when these take place as they’re in the boxing gym.

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Boxing and Classes

As a boxing-focussed club, you’ll find a standard boxing ring here as well as whole host of equipment. This includes around 10 punchbags including speed bags. Prefer hitting a real person? There’s a person-shaped bag too! You’ll also find a good selection of gloves and pads for pair work.

There are ten boxing fitness classes a week here, focussed on fitness and technique. See the current timetable below and check out their website for an up to date one.

Class timetables



This equipment is split between the two gyms, with the weights gym hosting three treadmills and two recumbent bikes. Whilst not the most modern of equipment, it looked to be in good condition.

In the boxing gym you’ll find a couple of rowing machines and three Spin bikes.


I really enjoyed checking out this club, which has a very welcoming small-town feel. It doesn’t have as much equipment as the main players in terms of resistance machines and cardio equipment, but what it does have a is a lot of space and equipment for functional training. It also has one of the cheapest casual rates in Freo at only $13 for one session! There’s sufficient weight-training equipment if you’re happy with a simple free weight workout.

I didn’t get to do a class in my limited time here in Freo but I’d definitely come back here and do one, as I loved the friendly atmosphere here and this is really what the club specialised in – boxing fitness.

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Spring Into Fitness, Fremantle Oval, WA

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