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Snap Fitness Albany, WA

Snap Fitness Albany

Snap Fitness Albany, WA

160 Albany Hwy, Albany, WA 6330

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Opening Hours: 24/7 for members, or:
Staffed Hours: Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 19:00, Sat: 9:00 – 12:00, Sun: by appointment only.

Cost: $15 per go casual rate, or longterm memberships from $15 a week.



Snap Fitness Albany is in an excellent location in the centre of this beautiful coastal town. You’ll find it very easily – it’s correctly located on Google maps and easily visible from the street in the standard Snap Fitness brand colours.


Snap Fitness Albany more than lives up to the usual high standards of this friendly global chain. I’ve always found Snap staff to be welcoming and this place was no exception. The medium-large gym is modern and attractive with a great range of equipment. Its logical layout made it simple to find what I was looking for and the club was a very comfortable workout temperature when I attended in October.

Showers and toilets are entirely separate (each with a lockable door) and unisex. These were also clean and my shower was deliciously hot and powerful. Bonus.

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You’ll find dumbbell free-weights up to 50kg here and a full rack of both straight and curled barbells up to 37.5kg. There are also a handful of adjustable barbells in different shapes.

You’ll see a Smith machine and two squat racks for your legs, the latter of which also double up as pull-up bar stations. There are also a few bench press stations here.

There’s a cable crossover station, as well as a narrow-set cable station, with further pull up bars.

The club hosts a good range (around fifteen) pin-operated resistance machines for both lower and upper body. All were in excellent condition and looked very new. These include a lat pulldown and, my favourite, an assisted pull-ups machine. Slightly unusually, it has a standing platform as opposed to a kneeling one, and this worked very well.

You’ll also a find a few loadable resistance machines, namely a chest press, low row and seated calf-raise.

There’s also a preacher curl station and hip extension bench. I found an abs bench as part of a declined bench press station, which I used for abs work – especially as the bar had already been removed.

Studio and Functional Training

The studio is a free-for-all and I made myself at home here. As modern as the rest of the club, it hosts a wide range of functional equipment. I found kettlebells up to 24kg, medicine balls up to 10kg and a full set of lightweight dumbbells from 1 – 10kg. There’s a weights bench here too.

You’ll also find a few BOSUs, several Swiss balls, foam rollers, stepboards, plyoboxes and battleropes.
I found skipping ropes neatly hanging up, along with some resistance loops. You’ll also see a number of good quality mats here, along with boxing gloves and pads.

In the main gym, you’ll also find a boxing bag, along with a foam roller, plyobox and some resistance loops. There’s a rig here which you can use with the bands for example.

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Snap Fitness Albany has a stunning range of cardio equipment, and for fear of sounding like a broken record now(!), it all looked brand new. I found ten treadmills, six bikes (two upright, two recumbent, two Spin bikes), six ellipticals, one stair-climber and one rower.


I loved this gym, especially having been in small town gyms for the past week or so with limited facilities – this felt like true luxury. I can’t fault the facilities at all, or indeed the friendly staff. Register for the free trial through their website for a short stay there. It’s close to the major supermarkets too so you can refuel promptly and healthily when you leave, or alternatively, Snap sell protein shakes!

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Snap Fitness Albany, WA

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