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Seven Star Gym Chowrasta, George Town

Seven Star Gym Chowrasta

Seven Star Gym Chowrasta, George Town

2nd Floor, Pasar Chowrasta Market, 10100, George Town


Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 23:00, Sat – Sun: 8:00 – 21:00, public holiday 8:00 – 13:00

Cost: RM 10 per entry or RM 69 per month (plus RM 60 membership card fee)


Seven Star Gym is well-located centrally in George Town, close to much of the accommodation. It’s above Chowrasta Market, just a couple of minutes walk from the main bus station, Komtar. You’ll see a sign on the wall outside for the gym – to enter, go into the market and climb two flights of stairs up to the second floor.


I stumbled across Seven Star Gym just as it was opening! I’d spent nearly two months in Penang, walking past this building every day, when I suddenly saw a sign up outside with “Gym” on it. Ooh, the excitement! The ground floor is a market, so as soon as I saw this, I got rather excited and ran into the rather smelly food area to ask where to go. Two floors up, I was told. Sure enough, Seven Star Gym Penang has recently opened with all new equipment and is looking rather pleased with itself.

Less attractive is the lack of aircon though. I saw overhead fans, but none were in use at around 10am when I went to use the facility. I rapidly sweat without doing much (which inevitably increased when I did start exerting myself!).

You’ll find a good range of weight training equipment, some cardio machines and a couple of gym toys in this medium-sized gym. Everything was tidy, clean and staff were cleaning as I training. I’d like to say the place is well-maintained, but it hasn’t been around long enough to need any maintenance yet! Long may it stay in this exquisite condition.

Free water is provided and I think I even saw drinking cups.

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You’ll find a full rack of dumbbells up to 40kg, along with two racks of barbells from 10 – 30kg. These go up in 5kg increments and there’s a rack each of straight and curled, along with a few adjustable barbells.

If you like to lift heavy, you’ll find Hammer Strength machines for working biceps, a shoulder press, chest press and leg presses.

Regular resistance equipment includes a leg extension, curl and pec deck.

You’ll also find wide-set cable crossovers with pull-up bars and three cable machines on each end for pulldowns and rows etc. There’s a narrow-set cable crossover machine with pull up bars too, and further options for pull-up bars around the gym. You’ll even find assisted pull-ups here, as well as a couple of lat-pulldowns. Also for your upper body, I found a preacher curl and three bench presses – one each of flat, inclined and declined.

For your legs, you’ll see two Smith machines and a squat rack.


Seven Star Gym Chowrasta has a reasonable assortment of cardio equipment. I found five treadmills, three Spin bikes and two crosstrainers. The equipment looked brand new, although it was not a brand I recognised.

Functional Equipment

I found limited functional equipment here, although there is a vast area just outside the gym – I’m not sure if this is going to be used as a floor-space area further down the line. Currently all I can find is a couple of step boards, a mat and two hanging punchbags. Beneath the punch bags are some fixed mats on the floor where you can stretch off.

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Seven Star Gym is an aesthetically appealing gym with all new equipment. At RM 10 a go, it’s got the joint cheapest casual rate I could find in Penang (with The Olympic Gym). The downside for me was the steamy temperature in here, even earlier in the day. I found the weight I was setting on resistance equipment needed reducing significantly from my normal weight. No, I’m not getting weaker(!) so perhaps there are differences between manufacturers – but surely 40kg should be 40kg?!

The location was perfect for my accommodation, and if you’re on a budget, this place is definitely worth checking out if you are in Penang a short while. Otherwise check out Fave for deals on 1 month gym memberships.

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Seven Star Gym Chowrasta, George Town

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