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SC Fitness Kanchanaburi

SC Fitness Kanchanaburi

SC Fitness Kanchanaburi

Bannua Road, Kanchanaburi, 71000

Facebook (unofficial page)

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 20:45, Sat: 13:30 – 20:45, Sun: 15:00 – 20:45
Cost: 50 baht a day or 900 per month.


SC Fitness Kanchanaburi is centrally located 1km southeast of the railway station, just off the same main road as it. It’s the only centrally located gym I could find here, so if you’re without transport and on a budget, look no further! When I arrived, I initially thought it was shut – I could see through the windows but it looked dark and no-one was training. When I saw the metal shutters pulled down, I nearly left, but luckily I thought to check alternative entrances – the actual entrance is down the side-street to the right of the gym, pictured as my featured image.

The lady I found there didn’t speak much English, but after paying the 50 baht entry, she gestured to the free towels and free bananas(!) that you can help yourself to – bonus! Additionally she came into the gym with me and turned on several fans.


As you might expect for 50 baht, SC Fitness is not a top of the range gym. It’s fairly small and equipment is fairly old, nor will you find aircon here. The free towel and banana is a nice touch though – yay, free food for backpackers!

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The weights equipment is limited and does not cater especially well for heavy lifters, though most people could probably make do, if there were not too many people competing for equipment. No danger of this when I arrived mid morning on a Friday though – I was the only customer in the 1.5 hours I was there!


Whilst most smaller gyms tend to prioritise their weight-training facilities over cardio, SC Fitness is an exception. I was surprised to see only a small rack of dumbbells, from 1 – 10kg. They do also provide a few sets of adjustable dumbbells and barbells, but it’s still rare to find a gym that doesn’t go up to at least 25kg!

Other equipment consists of a wide set of cable crossovers with high pull up bars, a bench press and a preacher curl station for your upper body. Lower body equipment comprises a Smith machine and inclined leg press.

You’ll also find an old resistance machine which acts as both a leg extension and a chest press. Expect the bars to dig in your shins though!

Additionally you’ll find a hanging leg raise apparatus and several weights benches. All in all, not a huge selection, but enough to get an all-over body workout.

Functional Equipment

You’ll only find minimal functional equipment here, but there are several large good quality mats and lots of space where you can use them. The only gym toys I found were two fairly small Swiss balls and an abs roller.


SC Fitness Kanchanaburi has a very reasonable selection of cardio equipment, especially given its size. I discovered five treadmills, three recumbent bikes, a cross trainer and an upright bike. You’ll also find a couple of those vibrating belt machines, for what that’s worth!

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Bear in mind, all of the cardio equipment is probably pre-millennial, but I did hop on the crosstrainer for a few minutes and it worked – computerised display and all! If you’re used to modern equipment you will certainly notice a big difference though.


All in all, SC Fitness Kanchanaburi is superb value for money and easily accessible from the centre of town. If you don’t have transport then look no further than here – the next closest gym I could find is over 2km out of town.

Want a gym with better facilities?

At only 69 baht, DNA Gym is well worth the extra effort if you can get there – I rented a bicycle on 3 occasions whilst I was here, for which I paid 30 – 50 baht for 24 hours, meaning I could use it two days running. DNA is airconditioned, modern and has excellent facilities for types of workout.

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SC Fitness Kanchanaburi

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