Plus Sport Club Pattaya

Plus Sport Club Pattaya

Plus Sport Club Pattaya

Chaloem Phrakiat 23 Alley, 20150, Pattaya

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Opening Hours: 7:00 – 00:00, seven days a week
Cost: 300 baht a day, 1000 for seven days, 1500 for a month.
Note, these costs are currently listed as promotional rates, I am not sure if they are permanently on or not.

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Plus Sport Club Pattaya is located fairly centrally, around halfway between Central Pattaya Road and South Pattaya Road, about 900m inland from the beach. It’s connected to P Plus Hotel, so if you’re staying there, it’s a big bonus, location-wise! It’s very easy easy to find, thanks to huge signs atop the hotel and sports club. Enter through the door on the right-hand sign, where it’s then obvious you’re in the right place. You’ll pay at the desk in front of you and the gym is on the left, with the changing rooms at the back of it.


I really liked the feel of this modern, medium-sized gym. Every other gym I’ve been to in Pattaya has been huge, so it was actually rather nice to come somewhere a little smaller, where it was easy to find exactly what I was looking for instantly. Plus Sport Club is also very spacious, with a designated floor area in the middle of the gym as well. The decor looks very new and the equipment itself is in excellent condition and fairly new.

When I arrived late morning, the gym was a reasonable temperature, but cooled by fans only. They do have aircon though, and the sign by it said that it’s switched on from 12:00 – 20:00. It was actually closer to to 13:00 by the time anyone put it on, around the same time as a surge of customers came in. So yes, they do switch it on, in Thai time!

The gym is open-plan and contained on one floor. You’ll find a good mix of cardio, weights, floor space and a limited number of gym toys.

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I believe towels are provided, though somehow I didn’t get one – I have to admit I didn’t request one either. But I saw others using identical towels and the sign claims they are included in the price.

Also included are the sauna and steam! I went to investigate them to find they are single sex, located inside the changing rooms. Neither seemed to be switched on when I went, but there are buttons outside, so perhaps it’s a DIY job. I didn’t attempt to use them though as I didn’t have swimwear with me.


You’ll find a good range and balance of upper and lower body weights here at Plus Sport Club. I found a full set of dumbbells up to 50kg, all neatly racked in pairs. Additionally they’ve provided a rack of barbells from 5 – 50kg in 5kg increments. These alternate between straight and curled. You’ll also find some adjustable barbells – well you might do… Hint: they were well hidden inside the narrow cable crossovers when I was there!

For your legs you’ll find a squat rack and Smith machine as standard, along with a plate loadable inclined leg press.

Upper body equipment includes wide cable crossovers with pull up bars, narrow cable crossovers, also with pull up bars and various attachments. You’ll also find a flat and inclined bench press rack.

There are a handful of resistance machines here for both upper and lower body work. These include a rear delt / pec fly, chest press, pulldown, row, leg extension, leg curl and abductor machines. All looked fairly new and in good condition.

Other equipment includes an adjustable abs bench, hip extension and hanging leg raise.

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Functional Training

I was really impressed with the amount of floor space here at Plus Sport Club Pattaya. As well as having plenty of space between machines, they also have a dedicated floor space area in the middle of the gym, where two large mats appear to reside to mark this out. They are quite thin mats though, so be sure to take one of the several yoga mats too.

The amount of functional equipment here is limited, but there are a few offerings! I found some Swiss balls, medicine balls from 1 – 5kg, a couple of abs rollers and as mentioned, mats.

You’ll also see a large standing punchbag.


Here we have a small selection of similarly newish equipment; namely five treadmills, two Spin bikes and a crosstrainer.


If you like a more low-key gym, Plus Sport Club Pattaya is a lovely place to work out. It’s far from small, it’s just smaller than the the other three very large clubs I’ve been in here. However, like the other two central ones, the casual rate of entry is not cheap, but standard for Pattaya. Everyone I saw in here was a westerner, as opposed to the mix of Thai and westerners in other clubs nearby – probably due it being connected to the hotel.

If you’re after a larger gym with more facilities or equipment, check out the other gyms in Pattaya I’ve written about!

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Want somewhere cheaper?

Check out Universe Gym, 2km northeast of here. (It’s a good excuse to stop at Big C afterwards as it’s on the way!)

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Plus Sport Club Pattaya

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